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Saturday, October 1, 2022

The decline of MTV? Bad Bunny receives VMAs award from New York

This Sunday, August 28, the award ceremony for the MTV VMAs 2022 took place where great artists gathered to recognize the best audiovisual productions of music. From Taylor Swift to Red Hot Chili Peppers were present at The Prudential Center in Newark in New Jersey.

For many years, MTV has been recognized as one of the largest channels for the dissemination of popular music. World-renowned artists and lead the top lists of reproductions are usually present at their awards to be awarded.

This award ceremony was not going to be the exception since the participation of Anitta, Nicki Minaj Marshmello, J Balvin, Eminem Snoop Dogg, are some of the artists who sang at the Prudential Center but one of the names that stood out the most was that of Bad Bunny who was also nominated for Artist of the Year.

Despite his nomination and confirmed submission, Bad Bunny did not attend the 2022 MTV VMAs award ceremony and was linked live from his concert at Yankee Stadium from New York. This situation confirms a situation that has been a rumor on social networks for years and is that emerging celebrities no longer have interest on MTV.

Artists like Britney Spears, Backstreetboys, Kanye West, Drake, J Balvin continue hand in hand appearing in important awards. Nevertheless, The bad rabbit made it clear on this occasion that he bets more on his career from social networks.

For a couple of months to date, any production of Bad Bunny from albums to music videos or something simpler like a video on TikTok manages to go out on any digital platformis probably the reason why has refused to attend the MTV VMAs in person.

bad bunny

On this subject, Bad Bunny has made it clear on more than one occasion that awards are not his main interest, he refers to this in one of his most recent songs, Booker T:

“Cheki, brunette, cheki

Cheki, brunette, huh

Bad Bunny took all the prizes

And the bastard didn’t even go,” says the lyrics.


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