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The day that Sergio Sepúlveda and Tabata Jalil fought in ‘VLA’: “we grabbed each other”

In recent days, several Mexican television morning shows have been involved in controversy, either due to salary differences or discussions between their hosts, one of the most recent involving Gustavo Adolfo Infante Y Joanna Vega-Biestro; however, other presenters who have discussed in full forum has been Sergio Sepulveda Y Tabata Khalil.

It was Tabata Jalil who recalled in a past interview for Pinky Promise the strong conflict he had with his partner on the recording set of the program come the joywhose drivers would have a better salary than those of Todayas recently revealed by reporter Michell Rubalcava.

VLA drivers would earn more than ‘Hoy’ drivers; Ricardo Salinas Pliego would request review: Michelle Rubalcava

Yes, I have had a fight with Sergio Sepúlveda. We grabbed each other, but very bad. In fact my companions were present. That wasn’t the worst angry grab we’ve ever gotten,” Tabata Jalil said.

The driver mentioned that even Ingrid Coronado, who left the TV Azteca morning show in 2018, was one of those who witnessed the lawsuit from start to finish.

“And the screaming began: ‘not that you, that I’, and I: ‘no but that’s not how it is’, ‘it’s what I say’, ‘no, but you asked me for this’… Bad bad! And everybody hearing, it was horrible. It was with Sergio and it was there in the Venga la Alegría forum.”

Are Sergio Sepúlveda and Tabata Jalil friends?

The presenter pointed out that such was her annoyance that for a month they did not say a word to each other, so both were called by the talent area to solve their problems.

“We stopped talking for about a month and then the talent director had to intervene. He sent for us, because neither of us wanted to go, and then in the end they forced us to work together again and we had to talk to each other” .

Eventually, they apologized and began a friendship that continues to this day. In addition, Tabata Jalil pointed out that after that discussion he never had a friction of such magnitude.

“We forgive each other, we cry a lot, and that’s it, everything solved,” he said. “I was very lucky to have that episode because I was able to set limits and from those limits today they don’t talk to me that way anymore.”


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