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The day that Dr. Polo ‘exploded’ and did not solve a case: “It’s over, get out”

Anna Maria Polobetter known as Dr. Polo, is one of the most beloved characters on Hispanic television in the United States. Over the years she has remained in the public eye, her small screen debut being in 2001.

Although your program ‘Case closed’ has been the center of controversy in many occasions for the issues it addresses or the actors who attend the program as panelists and then share their experiences, viewers enjoy the broadcast and the resolution of the cases; However, this has not always been possible, so we share with you a case that could not be concluded.

Doctor Polo is rebuked by defendant

Through TikTok, a video went viral in which a young Doctor Polo is observed hosting the program ‘Couples room’predecessor of Case Closed.

in this she try to solve the caseinstructing the man of the places that he must grant the divorce, however, it is abruptly interrupted by the defendantwho rebukes her and assures her that she is nobody to tell her what to do.

“Listen to me, you you have to file for divorcebecause you cannot be married…” Ana María said before being interrupted.

I’m not going to have a divorce because I don’t feel like it.and you are nobody to tell me that, I divorce whenever I want, “argued the panelist.

Given this, Dr. Polo reacted furiously and terminated the case, demanding the expulsion of the panelists from the room, concluding that they did not deserve an explanation.

“You are a brazen, the case is over gentlemen, get out, I don’t want you here, the case is over.”


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