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The day Santiago Creel acknowledged being the father of Edith González’s daughter | VIDEO

One of the most controversial media scandals in the entertainment world, which even influenced national political lifewas the constance birthonly daughter of Edith González.

This event became object of speculation after the actress kept the identity of the father secret, however, society and various media discussed it, pointing out as the main suspect who at that time was secretary of the interior of former president Vicente Fox, Santiago Creel Miranda.

Edith González and her closeness to politics

Edith González positioned herself as one of the most relevant figures of the national show, this after star in the play ‘Adventuress’, produced by actress Carmen Salinas.

Derived from the closeness that Carmen maintained throughout her life with political figures, multiple representatives of this sphere attended as spectators to the staging. ‘Aventura’ became a meeting point for this class, mainly during the presidential race for the 2006 elections.

Francisco Labastida Ochoa and Andrés Manuel López Obrador were just some of the members of the leadership who attended the show. At that moment Edith began to be related with personalities from the world of diplomacy and academia.

The first of them was the French ambassador to MexicoBruno Delaye, however, the biggest scandal surrounding the private life of the actress, which became gossip of the political classwas his relationship with the leader of the PAN senators Santiago Creel.

Relationship between Edith González and Santiago Creel

from 2003 Edith was lovingly linked to the officiala romance that was hidden due to Creel’s political interests, although the relationship was an open secret.

On September 2, 2005 the magazine ‘Who‘ published a note in which they assured that the actress had dated Pedro Enrique Creelyounger brother of the secretary of the interior, which generated even more confusion in the political and social spheres.

During the filming of Televisa’s stellar telenovela ‘Wooden woman’, Edith found out about her pregnancy. Constanza Creel González was born on August 17, 2004 and was registered on September 13 of the same year, although only with Edith’s surnames, thus assuming herself as a single mother.

Santiago Creel agrees to be the father of Edith’s daughter

The myth remained for about four years until in May 2008 the magazineMy guide’ published Constanza’s birth certificaterevealing that the couple met in March 2008 to register their daughter for the second time, giving her the surname, so from that moment on she was officially named Constanza Creel González.

Birth certificate of Constanza Creel González / Civil Registry

On May 19, upon arrival at the Chamber of Senators, Santiago Creel offered a brief but forceful statement regarding his paternity

It is an authentic record, I have recognized that Constanza is my daughterhere with you I want to show the face of it”, he commented.

In addition, he requested privacy for his daughter’s life, finally, he explained that this would be the last statement he would offer on the subject in agreement with Edith González.


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