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The day Roger González waited 12 hours to enter a Lady Gaga concert

Roger Gonzalez is a driver who by his participation in come the joy He has many fans in Mexico, but he continues to be a faithful follower of other artists, for example: Lady Gaga.

It turns out that the actor also had an unforgettable experience at a concert by the American singer, because was formed 12 hours before one of his performances in New York began to be able to be in the front row, as he recalled in an interview for the radio program The walker.

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“It was a feat. I really like concerts and I’ve been to many music festivals, but never the experience of being a Little Monster, which are Lady Gaga’s fans, and train in New York from 9 in the morning, wait until 9 at night and live the concert 1 meter from Lady Gaga. It was a unforgetable experienceRoger recalled.

Later, he said that for the wait he bought “a chair on Amazon and I sat there, I bought it from Mexico so that it would arrive in the United States, I picked it up because I was going to be 12 hours and I was not going to be stopped”.

On why he decided to live this experience, he pointed out that “I have a friend in New York who is a fan, he knows Lady Gaga before she was famous and he does like living the experiences of Little Monster”.

“So, there I was from 6 in the morning awake, at 8:30 in the morning I arrived at the concert venue and waiting with other Little Monsters from all over the world I felt out of place because then they asked me about my favorite Lady Gaga album, “he explained.

Likewise, the host of the TV Azteca morning reflected that “what these types of artists generate is very crazy, fanaticism, which I was able to understand a lot on this trip because sometimes we don’t realize that there are people who admire the artist a lot. For example, a boy from Argentina who was a cashier worked for a year to buy a flight and go to New York to see the concert, to buy Lady Gaga’s VIP concert. There are artists who change the lives of these people and it is father to understand it”.

Finally, Roger González commented that he would be willing to relive such a feat to see Sam Smith and the Rolling Stones.


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