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The day Paulina Rubio confronted Thalía on Verónica Castro’s program

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Paulina Rubio joined Timbiriche first, with Thalía being part of the second generation (Photo: Instagram/@timbiri_chemex)

Despite the fact that female enmities in the pop industry seem to be a thing of the past, some of the most emblematic continue to captivate new generations who are interested in knowing what happened so that the name of a singer is automatically related to that of another.

Pauline Rubio vs. Thalia It is possibly the greatest rivalry in Spanish in the history of Mexico, because despite having extremely successful solo careers, their past as members of Timbiriche has hinted that there is always the need to stand out in a group or else you can reach media oblivion.

Therefore, in a viral video of TikTok some have remembered and one of the funniest and most controversial confrontations of the singers when they were still teenagers being a space led by Veronica Castro the perfect setting for the golden girl and the protagonist of quinceanera they laid the first foundations for a conflict that to date seeks an end with a musical collaboration.


Interview of Verónica Castro with Timbiriche in “Mala noche no”, 1988, #timbiriche #veronicacastro #malanocheno #thalia #paulinarubio #1988

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Although the daughter of the late leading actress, Susana Dosamantesentered the group since its creation, Thalía’s sympathy little by little caused the media of the 80s to begin to place on their main covers that both did not have a good relationship, notably affecting the trajectory of the rest of their companions that did not survive the fight of the public that was divided forgetting Timbiriche.

They throw a lot at you, especially because they say that you don’t get along in the group, that you have very serious problems.Is that true?” asked Verónica Castro, to which the interpreter of songs like I am not that woman, neither roses nor toys Y The Scorpion Dance.

“I want to say that it is good that you take up this topic because precisely 15 days ago I think something very ugly came out in a magazine about Thalí and me and I would like us to clarify it here. i think this It’s a family where we all have problems, where I fight here and there; Yes, I had a fight with Thalía and everything, but Thalí and I fixed it very well, ”she began to recount.

Currently his audience asks for a collaboration to close the viral revalidation (Photo: Instagram/@paupau_mx)
Currently his audience asks for a collaboration to close the viral revalidation (Photo: Instagram/@paupau_mx)

The discussion that would have occurred in Colombia, according to the golden girlended in tears and healing because at that time the relationship and communication was very good: “We both sat down to cry and said ‘Gee we’re sisters’ and I think that’s the good thing, that we still have feelings. But because of bad vibes there are people who are like spies and go around telling things doing everything big, “she added.

In 1988, the year in which the interview took place, various magazines assured that Paulina Rubio was speaking ill of Thalía since she was “jealous” that “the new one” would overshadow her time in the band, so the golden girl He did not hesitate to face everything publicly, as the fans present also insisted on the subject.

They say that I attack Thalía, that I envy her, but I think that Thalía is a beautiful girl with a lot of talent, but I have mine And well, at 17 years old I don’t think anyone can die of envy, on the contrary, if I see something in her or Thalía sees that I have something, she’s going to love her or I, like in soap operas and many things that Thalía and I work outside of Timbiriche,” Rubio said.

Paulina and Thalía are considered two of the greatest exponents of pop in Spanish Photos: Instagram @paulinarubio / @thalia
Paulina and Thalía are considered two of the greatest exponents of pop in Spanish Photos: Instagram @paulinarubio / @thalia

Although Thalía was very brief about the situation, users argue that for a few seconds you can see smiles from discomfort by the interpreter wrongturning the confrontation that was meant to end with a rumor of enmity into one more argument as to why they didn’t get along.


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