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The day Niurka was expelled from ‘Big Brother’: “He broke one of the main rules”

The shares of Niurka in reality shows they are usually explosive, it is enough to remember their recent passage through the house of celebrities, where within the program he had many fights with other members and once he left he expressed his anger everywhere.

Another controversial moment of the Cuban in a reality television program occurred in the edition of big brother where he shared cameras with Fabiola Campomanes, Sergio Mayer and Hector Sandarti, Well, there the famous one was kicked out for breaking a house rule.

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The day this situation took place, it was announced Veronica Castrothe host of the program: “A few moments ago something happened that had never happened in Big Brother Mexico: one of the inhabitants broke one of the main rules of the game, the rule of isolation”.

“This is one of the rules that should definitely not be broken. Big Brother has a very special statement for all of you,” added Cristian Castro’s mother.

Then, with the participants gathered in the living room of the house, the voice of the reality show announced Niurka’s expulsion: “For the first time in this house, through which 85 participants have passed in more than 3 years without something similar being recorded, An unpleasant event occurred a few hours ago that cannot remain as an inconsequential event, a joke or a funny occurrence.

“Big Brother is a challenge based on equal isolation conditions for all participants, and that they accept with all seriousness and at the very moment of entering the house,” he explained.

He continued: “This afternoon, that condition of isolation, essential for the development of the game, was intentionally broken by one of the participants, that in a direct and express way he contacted the outside world without measuring or caring about the consequences that this could bring both to him and to his companions.”

“Obviously it is not possible to participate in a game when the basic rules of the game are disregarded and are breached in this light way, forgetting the thousands of spectators who defend with their votes a permanence that does not seem to matter.”

“Therefore, Niurka, for having violated a fundamental rule of this challenge, you have to leave the house right now through the warehouse door, forever“, said big brotherand the Cuban immediately went to the exit without saying anything to her companions.


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