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The day María Félix slapped Pedro Armendáriz: This was the tape that brought them together

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The diva of the Golden Cinema, María Félix, shared the big screen with several stars of the time like Jorge Negrete, Emilio ‘El Indio’ Fernández and Pedro Armendáriz, with the latter, he shared several experiences that his fans already know today, like the day María Félix slapped actor Pedro Armendáriz.

This moment was experienced during the filming of a scene in the movie In love from 1946where María Félix and Pedro Armendáriz were the main characters who ended up falling in love, but not before having a couple of misunderstandings.

Even, the film became number 12 of the 100 best films of Mexican cinema, standing out for the performance of its protagonists. This film was directed by Emilio Fernández and photographed by Gabriel Figueroa.

The film was set at the time of the Mexican Revolution.when the Zapatista troops of Juan José Reyes took the city of Cholula, meeting Beatriz, daughter of one of the most notable men in the city.

The film portrays the love story between two people who did not expect to feel attracted to each other, so they end up living a true romance.

This is how María Félix slapped Pedro Armendáriz

The movie of In love took place in San Pedro Cholula, Pedro Armendáriz played José Juan Reyes and María Félix played Beatriz Peñafiel.

The iconic scene begins when Beatriz was walking in a period dress that exposed her calves.. The character of José Juan made a couple of comments without imagining that Beatriz would listen to them:

“Just look at such cute little boys… but a body of temptation and a face like a scarecrow, to see that little boy again, I’d put up with a slap in the face.”

So Beatriz turned and went towards him to slap him twice.on the grounds that he had seen the two calves:

“If you’re a man, put up with the other slap, the two chamorros saw me… bald,” said María Félix playing Beatriz.

The film began filming on July 8, 1946 and it premiered on December 25 of the same year at the Alameda Cinema. After its premiere, the film was proposed to compete for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 1947.

Although he did not win the award, he received an award for best photography for Gabriel Figueroa. In addition to winning another prize in the same photography category at the festival in Brussels, Belgium in 1947.


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