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The day Mac Miller caused anger and a fight on Twitter with Donald Trump

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Mac Miller is one of the greatest representatives of rap and R&Bwhich after his death left a musical legacy with which it continues today.

Throughout his career he stood out for his achievements and unique characteristics, like having formed with the Warner label at just 18 years old for a contract of 10 million dollars, or being one of the few white and Jewish rappers; nevertheless, One of the facts that few know is his fight with Donald Trump on Twitter.

This is how Mac Miller caused the fury of Donald Trump

In 2011 Mac Miller released the EP titled ‘Best Day Ever’, which included the theme ‘Donald Trump’. Although this was his third professional production, the song positioned him among fans of the genre, mainly by mentioning the one who until then was only known as one of the most important billionaire businessmen in the United States.

The song has a total duration of 2 minutes and 45 seconds and although he talks about the carefree life that Mac Miller led during his adolescence and how he longed to be famous to reach wealth, former president Donald Trump angered when alluded to on the subject.

The phrases in which it is mentioned talk about Miller’s relaxed behavior, in the style of a businessman who has his life resolved like Donald Trump, with the difference that the R&B singer is also calm at home watching cartoons on the sofa .

The above it was not to Trump’s liking and as was customary even before his final veto of social networks, He expressed it on his Twitter account with the following items:

“Little Mac Miller, you illegally used my name for your song ‘Donald Trump’, which has more than 75 million views (…) I was just notified that Mac Miller’s song ‘Donald Trump’ went platinum, tell Mac to kiss my ass.

“Little Mac Miller, I have more hair than you despite the age difference

In addition, he threatened to sue him and warned that he was prohibited from using his name again in any other work. In 2013 when rumors of a possible candidacy for the presidency by the businessman began, Mac Miller pointed out that he regretted having a song with the name of an asshole, finally insulting him during an interview.


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