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The day Laura Bozzo prepared a “friendship sandwich” while Niurka criticized her

‘The House of the Famous’ It is one of the most popular reality shows of the moment and although this has already come to an endusers continue to share the fun moments that were experienced within the program.

One of them was starring Laura Bozzo and Niurka Marcosboth women of strong character who they had several confrontations during the stay of the Cubanwhich came out in the fifth week of the project.

The relationship between the two was versatile, while one day they argued and insulted each other, another day they talked as friends and they even advised each other; however, one of the most mediatic moments was when the Peruvian prepared a ‘friendship sandwich’ to Niurka while she criticized her.

Laura Bozzo prepares a sandwich for Niurka

Laura Bozzo was characterized as a woman who learned housework within the reality show, so the moment when she prepared herself an appetizer, specifically a sandwich, was surprising. Although this was not all, since due to her friendship with Niurka, He decided to share it with her.

in the clip the driver is seen in the kitchen carefully preparing the sandwich, he even puts cream cheese on it. At the end, he informs one of his classmates that the slice of sandwich that is on the bar It is exclusively for the star.

What made this moment a trend was that while Laura was preparing the sandwich, Niurka was in the patio of the house with Juan Vidal and Ivonne Montero talking badly of the Peruvian

“For being stingy, for being ugly and for being a witch, stupid that she is” is heard to say in a low voice.

After this, the production of Telemundo changes the camera shot and they focus on Laura, who says:

“Eduardo, you tell Niurka that I left hers hereThat’s hers.”

before this Niurka received a series of attacks from the audience; The original clip that went viral through TikTok was deleted, however, it was rescued by various users.


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