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The day Kristoff Raczynski exploded against emos: “A thing for 15-year-old girls”

After an outstanding facet as a driver and actor, Kristoff Raczyński currently is dedicated to reviewing movies on YouTube quite successfullybut some Internet users constantly remind him of his past controversies, such as the heated discussion he had with Natalia Téllez when she began her career on television or the day he exploded against the emos on a live show.

This second question happened more than 10 years ago, when the famous was presenter on the Telehit channel.

The day Natalia Téllez argued with Kristoff on Telehit: “I think it’s crap”

The day Kristoff lashed out at emos

At that time, emo aesthetics were in fashion, something that Kristoff did not like, who in a Telehit broadcast said the following: “Emo is a mam… What is emo? It’s a 15-year-old girl thing.. They just got excited because they love the singer of the little group, not because they like the music”.

“Is it necessary to create a new genre to express emotions? Aren’t we getting enough of punk? With Camila, Without Flag, José José? Is it necessary to create a new genre that says: ‘Everyone else is wrong, they don’t fulfill us emotionally’? There is no movement, there is no way of thinking, there are no musicians”, he added.

Finally, Raczynski pointed out that emos “confuse punk, hard rock, screamo; they join all the currents just to give a meaning to their stupid movement. It’s not movement!”.

Did Kristoff regret this controversy?

This diatribe generated a lot of controversy for the then driver, as he reported in a video that he uploaded to his YouTube channel 5 years ago.

In said content, Kristoff first explained how he attacked emos: “In 2006 or 2008 I had a program with Pepe Campa. So, we were talking about many things, among them we were talking about emos and at the end of the program I said: ‘Emo is a mam…, we don’t need a new genre.’ This will have happened in September”.

“In December, since there were no notes, Paola Rojas He invites Gomita to his show. Then Pao says: ‘We’re leaving my dearest Jelly Bean, anything else you want to say?’ And his guy says: ‘In this company there is a driver on Telehit who dedicates himself to denigrating us, attacking us, taking negative things out of us‘. And well, I even appeared in the NME magazine, a controversy was created, ”he added.

Finally, Kristoff answered the question if he regrets lashing out at emos: “I do not regret it because I did absolutely nothing, I gave a point of view and it was just that. This controversy was created, but what I said was not really controversial at all.


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