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The day Jenni Rivera was a judge of ‘The Academy’ and exploded against the teachers

The singing reality show ‘The academy’ has established itself as one of the most representative and successful on Mexican television. For this reason, through more than 20 years, he has invited artists of international stature as guests on the critics’ panel.

In addition, the original format of TV Azteca has been broadcast in other countries through the sale of the franchise or its local stationssuch was the case of ‘The US Academy’which included the participation of Jenni Rivera.

Jenni Rivera as critic of ‘La Academia USA’

It was during the first generation of ‘The US Academy’ that Jenni Rivera was invited as a judge; however, during one of his speeches ‘exploded’ against teachers for comments made against him.

The video shows that Jenni responds angrily to the teachers’ statements regarding her criticism.

He pointed out that disagree with the point of view of the teaching team, who assured that the comments of the “Diva de la Banda” were unfounded. Given this, heThe singer replied that she had a successful career in the United States. This was due to the kindness with which he criticized the students.

I know what it is to be in tune, what it is to be out of tunewhat a tone suits you and what doesn’t suit them”.

In addition, he explained that a criticism should be constructive and not a moment in which students have to be torn apart. Finally, he highlighted his career in the United States.

I’m a professional singer, I’m a performerand maybe I’m not one of his favorites but I’m telling the truth in my own way.

Jenni’s response arose as a result of the questioning of a journalist, who shared with the singer the invalidating comments that the teachers privately gave to her opinion.


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