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The day Angélica Rivera, ‘La Gaviota’, invited Ventaneando to Los Pinos for breakfast

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‘window’ It is one of the most emblematic and characteristic programs of Mexican television. From the hand of the journalist Pati Chapoy they have remained current and on the air for more than 26 years.

The foregoing means that the emission of opinion and criticism of the entertainment world not only has it touched on countless topics, but it has also been broadcast from different parts of Mexico and the world, such is the case when they made the program from Disney.

Also they have lived with multiple personalities from entertainment and politics; however, one of the most emblematic moments was when had breakfast with the then first lady of Mexico Angélica Riverabetter known as ‘La Gaviota’, in Los Pinos, being the last official guests to what was the residence of the President of the Republic.

‘Ventaneando’ had breakfast in Los Pinos with the first lady

During the broadcast on November 28, 2018, the drivers of ‘window’ They revealed that they were invited to breakfast at Los Pinos directly by Angélica Rivera.

Okay Pati Chapoy, the breakfast reception was wonderfulreceiving gifts from Angelica’s sister.

Also, Daniel Bisogno indicated that the meeting was held from the perspective of a woman belonging to the show businessleaving aside the political issue, a situation that Mónica Castañeda supported detailing that it is a woman, wife, mother and professional.

Pedrito Alone and ‘La Choco’ they related a little of the experiences that La Gaviota shared with themamong which they highlighted the discomfort that the permanent presence of the extinct Presidential General Staff generated for the actress and first lady, as well as international tours and coexistence with other first ladies and queens.

They also pointed out that she requested that the treatment she received as part of the presidential family be more common, reducing the luxury of food and attention from housekeeping and service members.

They concluded by thanking the invitation and informed that they were the last guests at Los Pinos prior to the opening of the venue to the general public.


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