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The day Alfredo Adame took off his pants during a program

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Alfredo Adame is a celebrity that in recent days has generated a lot of controversy, because Rey Grupero and Fofo Marquez they played a prank on him – they hung a blanket outside his house where the driver supposedly promotes karate classes – and the former presenter of the program Today he got angry

But scandals and peculiar moments have been frequent in Adame’s life for years, just remember his conflict with Carlos Trejo, the time he got into a fight with a couple in the middle of the street or the day he took off his pants during a program.

Rey Grupero clarifies why he played the joke on Alfredo Adame; “when it’s his turn, he gets angry”

This last matter took place 4 months ago in the broadcast undresswhich leads the actress and singer Sandra Montoya through the YouTube channel Orbe Network.

The dynamic in which Adame took off several garments occurred at the end of the program; Sandra explained it like this: “The one who draws the highest card asks the others to take off some of their clothes. And the one who wins does not take anything away, he has the right to ask others”.

The first to win was Montoya, so she asked the men to take off their pants and, in the case of Magaly, who was Alfredo’s girlfriend at the time, a transparent garment that covered her dress.

“It doesn’t matter if it has a cinnamon stick? They would have told me it was an orgy, ”Adame commented as he stripped off his clothes.

In the second challenge, Magaly drew the highest card, so Sandra had to take off her dress, while the others took off their sack.

I would have brought my Thunder with reinforced”, Alfredo pointed out, referring to the underwear brand that he promoted in his youth. “Let’s see if it doesn’t give us a strained air,” was another famous joke.

In the last game, one of the drivers won and demanded that everyone remove their shoes. “Stay up because you look prettier that way,” Sandra asked Alfredo and Magaly.


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