Home Entertainment The dancer Elsa María, a reference in tango, has died

The dancer Elsa María, a reference in tango, has died

The dancer Elsa María, a reference in tango, has died

Dancer, teacher and choreographer of our city music, Elsa Maria He died in the last hours at the age of 77. He was born in Buenos Aires on June 25, 1944.

Elsa María Bórquez de Mayoral – popularly known as “Elsa María” – was a reference of tango, which he contributed to spread on his international tours. Especially, with “Tango Argentino” and with other shows in which he participated with his partner, Hector Mayoral.

Upon returning to Buenos Aires in 2000, Mayoral and Elsa María established a tango academy. “After walking a lot, one day we stopped at the corner of Callao and Santa Fe and found the dream house. It is a small palace where we gloat every day. It is a very old house, from 1910, which, with a lot of effort, we managed to put in condition. Everything was rebuilt as it was originally. The students enjoy the house and we enjoy them ”, Elsa María recalled on a radio program.

In that old house, the couple gave their classes, in addition to being the headquarters of the Tanguera Association of Buenos Aires, which also spearheaded. “We always dream of leaving messages and one of them is that tango is healthy. People must discover that dancing it prevents many things in relation to health, “he added. He also founded the Association of Teachers, Dancers and Choreographers of Argentine Tango.

Elsa María And Héctor Mayoral, Dancing At A Cardiology Congress.

Elsa María and Héctor Mayoral, dancing at a cardiology congress.

Elsa María had also been a member of the cast of Forever Tango, by Luis Bravo, among others.

He wrote the books “Paso por paso, el Tango” and “Tango sana”, and in his extensive work of dissemination he made videos and teaching DVDs, films and advertisements, receiving numerous distinctions. A tireless traveler, she had the chance (and enjoyed) teaching tango to celebrities from Hillary Clinton and Lady Di to Shimon Peres, Liza Minelli, Robert Duvall and universally popular singers like Frank Sinatra, Julio Iglesias and Shakira, among many.

“To the great Argentine tango, cheers” in 2016, was his last show. One of their moments for Elsa María and Mayoral was, long before, when the Buenos Aires Legislature proclaimed them “Illustrious Citizens” of Buenos Aires in a moving ceremony in the Golden Room.

There they danced La Cumparsita, accompanied by two of their best-known students: Ana María Picchio and Lito Cruz, while Hugo Marcel and Alba Solís sang. . “I am not a dancer,” he said in his Mayoral speech, “I am a dancer, because I learned without learning. He who learns by learning does not dance.”

Elsa María, With Her Partner, Héctor Mayoral.

Elsa María, with her partner, Héctor Mayoral.

“Tango Argentino”, that magnificent choreographic-musical show created by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli with the advice of Juan Carlos Copes, premiered in Paris in 1983 and later reached Broadway, being distinguished with the Tony Award and remaining for more than a decade on billboard. Then he was presenting in 59 other cities in the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Holland, Belgium, Mexico and Venezuela. In each of these places, he not only reproduced the New York success, but also established communities formed in the heat of the discovery of the passion for dancing tango, expanding the worldwide phenomenon. Elsa María and Mayoral were part of those initial cast together with Carlos Copes and María Nieves, Virulazo and Elvira Santamaría, among other excellent pairs.

Laura Falcoff wrote in Clarion: “Let’s remember that the two most successful tango shows were premiered outside the country. It is difficult to know if the tango for export label fits them. Probably not. One of them was Tango Argentino, by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli, which debuted in Paris in 1983, toured the world and was celebrated by celebrities on an international scale: Lady D, Liza Minnelli, Henry Kissinger, Martha Graham, Mijail Barishnikov, Jacqueline Onassis among countless other names.

The other show was born in the United States with a name in English: Forever Tango (“Forever Tango”). More than twenty continuous years on the bill (the most recent presentations were before the pandemic) and planetary tours. Its director Luis Bravo was born in Santiago del Estero, in Añatuya more precisely, also the hometown of Homero Manzi ”.

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