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The curse with which Linda Blair lived, the woman protagonist of ‘The Exorcist’

The horror movie that manufactured the most impressions on moviegoerss was without a question ‘The Exorcist’ and Linda Blairits protagonist demonstrated the tenacity of being able to dwell with a possessed lifetime-sizing doll.

However, it was not the only detail she had to go through as a younger woman. of 14 years, since several incidents transpired in the filming.

On the other hand, the actress has not only had to deal with ‘the curse’ of getting been the facial area of one of the scariest horror motion picture figures, he also experienced to do with people today outdoors of her.

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The Curse of Linda Blair

Linda Blair began the recordings when he was 14 several years previous, so his rise to fame was total of complications and obstructions, but not in the globe of acting due to the fact his performance still left every person with their mouths open.

Or else due to the fact in the course of the filming of the film ‘The Exorcist’, Linda endured unique incidents on the recording established according to witnesses and statements by the exact same actress.

In the documentary of the screenwriter of the film William Peter Blatty Blair Did not you employed to be Satan? He claims that his general performance remaining them amazed, nevertheless, this operate of Linda was surrounded not only by physical injuries but also psychological types considering that Friedkin, the director, stored the environment of the set in consistent tension so that the lady was frightened and her reactions were being extra authentic.

On the other hand, in the scenes exactly where Linda Blair seems in bedshe herself declared in an interview with the application “Shudder Cursed Films“who endured a spinal fracture thanks to that was tied to a harness that was manipulated by the creation and that the pulls provoked tears and screams, even though they did not cease given that the scene experienced been perfect.

the spiritual fanatics

In addition to injuries and functions, Linda Blair had to deal with the religious fanatics who persecuted her at any time and who also threatened her with loss of life due to the factthey were certain that she had ‘the devil within her’ so he experienced to disguise for at least a yr immediately after the film’s launch.


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