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the curious story of Indian actor Maradona Rebello

the curious story of Indian actor Maradona Rebello

Twins named Mara and Dona, twins named Diego and Armando. In the fauna of the fans, hundreds of filial stories about Maradona baptisms and idolatries fly over, but an atypical story takes us to Bombay: the 1986 World Cup in Mexico left more than an eternal painting of the most glorious goal of the century (and also of the most tricky one). ). A man named his son Maradona and today that Maradona is a famous actor and an influencer who takes his chest out of a unique name.

“When my mother gave birth, they say that I kicked my umbilical cord, the nurse told her ‘he’s a football player’ and my father smiled,” Maradona Rebello, 35, Indian, born on December 31, laughs from Dubai. May, just started the World Cup in Mexico, and noted in the civil registry of his city after the goal to the English.

That year, according to the National Registry of People of Argentina, 1,174 children were baptized as Diego Armando. The audacity to choose a surname as a first name occurred in the seventh largest country in the world, the land of yoga, cows as sacred animals and cricket as a national sport.

&Quot;Ma-Ra-Do-Na?&Quot; They Often Ask Him In Any Corner Of The Globe About His Name.  (Photo Courtesy: Rebello)

“Ma-ra-do-na?” They often ask him in any corner of the globe about his name. (Photo courtesy: Rebello)

“What if we call him after this man who stacks rivals like bricks?” Don Alfred Rebello was encouraged to propose to his partner, Hazel. A knowing look and there was no hesitation. The musicality of the word convinced them before the Argentine captain ended up seeing him even in the soup.

“As far as I know, no one is officially called Maradona in India. Nor do I know any in the rest of the world. There were no obstacles for them to register me like that, “he tells more than eight thousand miles, a year after the death of the one that drove much of his identity.” His goodbye was like a punch in the face and a day of mourning for me. and my family. My friends met at my house and we watched the live broadcast. There is always something to smile about every time I watch your videos. I have a collection of CDs and DVDs from ’86. I understood that a sport like soccer made an Argentine revolution. “

Bollywood member (India’s mighty film industry), your big screen resume highlights the movie Pankhby Sudipto Chattopadhyay. In that 2010 drama about a child star, he made his mark in the lead after beating more than 200 candidates. The role required him to overcome shyness during a nude and a playful scene that managed to pass the verdict of a board of censors: a kiss between men that to this day reminds him of the prejudice in that country. “Now I’m going for the dream of an Oscar,” he warns.

The Other Maradona, The One Who Travels The World And Shows It On His Networks.  (Photo: Courtesy Rebello)

The other Maradona, the one who travels the world and shows it on his networks. (Photo: Courtesy Rebello)

From “a Catholic family, middle class and humble origins,” the son of a bank clerk and a teacher, Rebello studied Medicine, but turned towards a Bachelor’s degree in Media. While attending St. Xavier’s Colleges in Bombay and growing interest in the entertainment industry, he took drama classes and tried his hand at the world of television commercials. He was quickly hired for successful advertisements, “one of them aired in nine Asian countries for five years.”

Among so many successes, there were also failures that functioned as springboards. Ever auditioned for Slumdog Millionaire (Who wants to be a millionaire?, a Danny Boyle film), but says his “not Indian enough” appearance worked against him. At either end of the globe the eyes open plates and the eyebrows rise and fall the same with the same question: “Ma-ra-do-na?”.

FC Goa fan of his country -and Boca Juniors on this side of the map-, says that as a teenager, when he received his first cell phone, he tried to contact “El Diez”, but with no luck. “Together with my friends we tried to get Diego’s number, but it was not the correct one. I had the hope of one day meeting him or talking to him. Already in 2017, he visited Calcutta, but then I was in New York promoting my first film, and we could not cross “.

Pankh, The Indian Film Rebello Starred In 2010.

Pankh, the Indian film Rebello starred in 2010.

Argentinian movie lover Nine Queens, by Fabián Bielinsky, and by the Mexican, Love Dogs, by Alejandro González Iñárritu, closely follows the work of Gael García Bernal (his Latin reference), in addition to admiring Leonardo Di Caprio and Jude Law at the Hollywood factory. Among his work plans is to travel to Argentina in 2022, “a destination that has been on the wish list for a long time”: “I need to contact the tourism body. Now I will live in Dubai for a year, but I want to try my luck in Buenos Aires and know everything about Maradona “.

With almost half a million followers on Instagram, Maradona leads a life between a media traveler and a seller of virtual illusions. His camera travels palaces in the United Arab Emirates, dives in the Arabian Sea, skirts cliffs in Jaipur and rests in thousand-star hotels in Turkey. Versatile model, in a tuxedo, jean or dhoti (typical garment for men in India), you can promote a brand of cappuccino, luxury watches or Bombay mortadella. His profile adjusts to what the customer requests: western mode or eastern mode, depending on the product required.

The Boy Who Travels And Shows The World On His Instagram.  (Instagram Rebello)

The boy who travels and shows the world on his Instagram. (Instagram Rebello)

“I have an older sister and her name is Varsha, which means ‘rain’, since she was born during the floods in Bombay, and my parents decided to give her a Hindu name. Mine, also special, was an agreement, although my choice father, my mother was delighted to hear it. Since I was a child, to say my name is to see how people smile and are surprised. To be called Maradona is to open a door in the hearts of the people. With this name, they never forget me. “

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