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The Crown, the series about her is one of the best in history

With 96 years of age and 70 reignIsabel II deserved a series and Netflix took on the task with one of the highest quality and most successful productions on the platform. The Crown is, without a doubt, One of the best series in history.

With four seasons inside and another two to be released (the fifth is expected to arrive in November), it is the docufiction that portrays the oldest woman and the one who had been sovereign the longest of his country, Great Britain.

To give life to the monarch and, at the same time, to the woman who has been queen of England for seven decades, it took not one but three actresses. Three interpreters, British, of course, who put themselves in the shoes (and in the crown) of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, whose arrival to the throne as Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom marked a before and after in the history of much of the 20th century and continues to this day.

Claire Foy, the youngest Isabel of "TheCrown" in the first two seasons, Photo: Netflix via AP.

Claire Foy, the youngest Isabel of “TheCrown” in the first two seasons, Photo: Netflix via AP.

scandals of the royal family

Without scandal there is no crown. And without suspense to show it there would be no The Crown: the series that stirs up the famous facts and the least investigated of the British Royal Family since 2016. Its maker, Peter Morgan, knew how to merge the historical with the melodrama and, on top of that, with a natural English tension: suspicion.

The challenge of The Crown, before each new season, turns green like the eyes on Queen Elizabeth II every time she leaves the palace. Will Ella Se see her the same or worse than before? Will she keep her aura or will she miss the previous version?

In the third and fourth seasons, the charismatic royal composition of Olivia Colman sealed what Claire Foy had already revealed in her youthful version, in the first two. Being the Queen is less frivolous than you think. She is the moral reserve of her country. The institution that guarantees its perpetuation.

So far the series explored his life from the ’40s to the ’80s. Each event could be captured as a non-schematic photograph of Elizabeth II with her subjects and relatives. And her thematic rigor was never diluted: the Queen’s ability to move her pieces to the beat of reality.

Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth.  A great performance.  Photo Liam Daniel/Netflix via AP

Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth. A great performance. Photo Liam Daniel/Netflix via AP

As we said, the combination of reality and fiction, of melodrama with historical factshave made The Crown an exciting series, which far from being followed only in the United Kingdom, has become a Netflix workhorse due to its quality, both in the historical reconstruction, the performances, the costumes and the locations, many of them real.

The actresses who embodied her and the one to come

The fifth season, which will premiere in November, will show the decade of the ’90s. From the terrible breakup of Carlos and Diana to her deathAugust 13, 1997: the day that Lady Di also became a symbol of the nation.

Not without generating some controversy for the behind the scenes that it shows The CrownWhat is unquestionable is the talent of the actresses chosen to play Isabel. Against all prejudice, even for those who have no affinity with the monarchy, the Isabel that the protagonists of the series interpret is fascinating.

The public has already met two of them: Claire Foyas a young Isabel in the first two seasons and, Olivia Coleman, as the sovereign at the height of her reign, in the next two. Now it remains to discover the queen closest to today, by the hand of Imelda Staunton.

Imelda Staunton.  The actress will take the post as Queen Elizabeth II in the fifth and sixth seasons of "The Crown", still unreleased.

Imelda Staunton. The actress will take the post as Queen Elizabeth II in the fifth and sixth seasons of “The Crown”, still unreleased.

But for that we will have to wait, since the fifth season will almost certainly premiere in November 2022 and the sixth is still in the production stage. The first four came to Netflix between 2016 and 2020.

By showing the queen, the series proposes a review of several of the most important historical events of the last 50 years and a character, until now, little “cinematic”, especially outside the borders of his kingdom.

Far from the famous and indefinite “British phlegm” that Elizabeth seems to represent almost as if from a textbook, both Foy and Colman gave the public a completely new profile of this woman who, outside the limits of the Commonwealth (the 15 states over which she exercises her sovereignty, in addition to Great Britain), is practically unknown.

But the script and the performances of Foy and Colman in The Crown they manage to give him an unprecedented carcassa deep humanity that awakens all kinds of feelings in the viewer.

Olivia Colman in "The Crown."  Photo: EFE.

Olivia Colman in “The Crown.” Photo: EFE.

From international geopolitics to more traditional British customs, the Isabel of the series displays all the facets: that of politics and diplomacy with its solemnity above all, for the responsibility of carrying the title of queen on one’s shoulders; and also that of guardian of a thousand year monarchy who does not want to give up protagonism.

A woman with a long marriage

But Foy and Colman also represent the woman who fell in love with Philip of Edinburgh, with whom she was married for 73 years until his death, in 2021 at the age of 99. The actresses are also able to show the mother of four children, the daughter and heir to the crown, her sister, with all her grays and with a range of shades perceptible even at the time of the ‘five o’clock tea’.

Both performers, and the same will surely happen with Staunton as Isabel in the last stage of her life, teach acting, in an authentic display of emotions and feelings: the antipathy, the contained pain, the overwhelm, the resilience, the stubbornness, the conviction and even the affection shown by drops, in short, everything that goes through any human being.

The Crown delves into the B side of a monarcha role that in the 21st century is almost an endangered species and about which there are minimal references: just his matching suits and hats, the inevitable bag on his arm and a voice heard in very sporadic speeches from the radio before and for TV later.

The woman and the queen are indissolubleare just one of these actresses who found the heart and nerve to a seemingly unflappable figure. A wife doubting the fidelity of her husband, worried about the education of her children and also, a mother-in-law in conflict with a famous daughter-in-law like Lady Di, among many other facets.

Emma Corrin, as Lady Di, in "The Crown", the Netflix series about Queen Elizabeth.  Photo Des Willie/Netflix via AP

Emma Corrin, as Lady Di, in “The Crown”, the Netflix series about Queen Elizabeth. Photo Des Willie/Netflix via AP

In the first season, Claire Foy is an Elizabeth who, at just 21 years old, marries Philip, and prepares to succeed her father, George VI, on the throne. It is the moment of the logical fears in front of the new role that is approaching with all the symbolic load of it.

A personality displayed in small and subtle gestures, but that they transmit a lot of expressiveness, is what Foy does with the queen segment that he was lucky to have.

A similar authenticity is that of Olivia Colman, at her most mature Isabel. The same sensation of “the procession goes inside” makes visible to the public the whole inner world of that woman, the psyche of someone who assumed with total naturalness to be head of State, representative of an empire, with time come to less, and that he held with a temper of steel over decades.

Claire Foy created an Elizabeth who is both tender and politically correct even at crucial moments like giving birth to her children. A a young woman who had to grow up before her time and that, at the same time, she did not hesitate to hold firm to the conviction of marrying the man she was in love with.

For her part, Olivia Colman, her successor in the series, knows how to take all that contained expressiveness and take it to its maximum expression, already converted into an adult seasoned by the infinite rules to follow and aware of her power.

Between the queen and the woman

Colman’s Isabel has to maintain a delicate balance between the supposed monarchical impartiality, the fulfillment of duty to the extreme and the needs of the Isabel woman who, almost It is not allowed to falter because it is not what corresponds. Sometimes in it, a single tear is enough to express a tragedy.

The works of Foy and Colman are moving and it is ruled out that this will also be the case with the elderly Isabel faced by Imelda Stauton, since at a time in life where there are more memories than projects. Surely, the actress will know how to find all the necessary nuances for the queen, in what will be her farewell.

At 66, Imelda Staunton (star of Vera DrakeDownton Abbey Y maleficent, among many others), comes to the series with all his trade in tow. “I was delighted to see The Crown From the beginning. As an actress it has been a joy to see both Claire Foy and Olivia Colman bring something unique and special to Peter Morgan’s scripts,” said Staunton.

Crossed by the figure of the queen, Foy, Colman and Staunton are a single block united by minimal and exquisite pieces to bring the queen to life on screen, over time, reaching the very essence of the character.

Despite the rejection and criticism from the royal family of flesh and blood, and sustained by an impeccable production and by a massive cast just as talented as the main actresses, The Crown She is a true queen of streaming.

Where and how to see The Crown

The series about Queen Elizabeth is available in the Netflix catalog. Of The Crown You can see the first four seasons, recorded between 2016 and 2002. The fifth will come out in November of this year and the sixth is still in the production process.


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