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The creator of “The Squid Game” also thinks about a third season

The creator of

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the writer and director of the hit South Korean series The Squid Game (Squid game), which was one of Netflix’s most watched cycles, said today that it is not only negotiating the possibility of a second season, but also from a third.

In an interview with South Korean public broadcaster KBS, Hwang said he is negotiating with Netflix for “a second and third season” of the series and expects the talks to conclude “in the near future.”

It is the first time that the creator -who had already talked about a possible second season- points to the possibility of a third installment of his successful fiction.

The Squid Game Became Netflix'S Most Successful Premiere.

The Squid Game became Netflix’s most successful premiere.

Where would the next go

Hwang, 50, added that the second season would focus again on Seong Gi-hun, the protagonist played by Lee Jung-jae, who wins the 45.6 billion won (roughly $ 39 million) prize in the ghoulish contest in which hundreds of people in debt compete to the death to earn that money.

Released last September, The Squid Game has become Netflix’s most watched series, which has earned it a nomination in the United States for awards such as the Gotham or the Golden Globes.

An audience phenomenon

Lee Jung-Jae, The Leading Actor Of The Squid Game.

Lee Jung-jae, the leading actor of The Squid Game.

The Squid Game became the most popular premiere in Netflix history. According to the platform itself, it had 111 million viewers in its first 28 days of broadcast.

Turned into a mass phenomenon, the South Korean series thus surpassed other successful formats such as Bridgerton, which until now held the record with 82 million viewers, Lady’s gambit, Stranger things, Tiger king or The Money Heist.

Based on Google metrics, searches related to the series dwarf those of any other title. In addition, the sneakers worn by its protagonists, from the Vans brand, increased their sales by 7,800 percent.

Another colored fact: a South Korean Internet operator even asked Netflix for compensation for the increase in band use that led to the premiere of this dystopian fiction in South Korea.

The Squid Game, A Story Of Desperate People, Who Compete To The Death.

The Squid Game, a story of desperate people, who compete to the death.

The history

The squid game begins with the protagonist, Seong Gi-hun, in debt up to the neck. So contact the organizer of a competition that could be the solution to all your problems. There, you will find 455 people of different social class, all with the same financial problems, willing to fight life or death for a millionaire prize.

The series designs a macabre world in which people must compete with each other in childish games that turn into deadly disputes. The winner can aim for infinite wealth, but the losers are killed.

The success of the series surprised Netflix, which only promoted its release in South Korea and it didn’t even offer US press passes for journalists to see before the premiere.

The Squid Game Became Number 1 In More Than 90 Countries.

The squid game became number 1 in more than 90 countries.

But the platform’s algorithm, which detects the most successful content in one region and empowers it in others, led this fiction to number one in more than 90 countries.

So thinking of a continuation was the most logical option. What was not known is that the director would also bring a third season in his hands.

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