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The creator of “Q-Force” on creating a sexy and fun animated series about LGBTQ spies (exclusive)

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With Sean Hayes, Wanda Sykes Patti Harrison, Matt Rogers and others, Q-Power is a shameless grownup animated sequence a couple of crew of misfit spies overthrowing the tropes of the usually straight, James bond-taken like on his head. Forward of its September debut on Netflix, ET has the primary unique preview of the complete trailer as creator Gabe Liedman teases what audiences can count on from Season 1.

Impressed by the concept of ​​a “gay James Bond,” Liedman got down to create a sequence that tells not solely the story of a queer tremendous spy, however everybody LGBTQ round him. On this case, that spy is Steve Maryweather, aka Agent Mary (Hayes), who’s deployed to West Hollywood by the American Intelligence Company (AIA) after revealing his homosexuality.

“He has all the attributes of James Bond: appearance, skills. It’s the best of the best, but the agency still doesn’t see it that way. It sounded like this really fun set-up for an action comedy about this amazingly gifted person bumping into a wall over and over again, ”Leidman stated, including,“ It was essential for me to suit that right into a comedy. total. Pondering of the LGBTQ + group, it is not simply this man. It appeared like alternative to inform the story of the group at massive. “

Unresponsive to her new place, Mary brings collectively a crew as proud and proud as him: professional mechanic Deb (Sykes), grasp of drag and disguise Twink (Rogers) and hacker Stat (Harrison). And after a decade of ready for an opportunity to show themselves, the Q-Power inadvertently lands its first project, a lot to the chagrin of IAA Director Dirk Chunley (Gary Cole), Deputy Director V (Laurie Metcalf) and the obnoxiously straight agent. Rick Buck (David Harbor).

“The adventures this team pursues are not the adventures you think,” teases Leidman. “And the stakes are really high. It is life and death; it’s a world at stake. But all the time, I hope you laugh as these complete underdogs step up and save him over and over again in this satisfying way.


While not necessarily trying to “get a huge message,” Leidman says it would have been a missed opportunity not to get a little muddy. That said, he and the writers have consciously placed the show in a heightened reality where discrimination exists, and “some people’s minds will never change and sometimes those people are in the driver’s seat,” he says. “And so, you have to be asking yourself at this point, ‘Is my goal still to fit in or is it just to be myself and kick my ass? “”

Not only that, but the series is packed with sexuality, cartoon nudity, and one-liners that will have viewers gagging. “If you know what breeding is, you know what breeding is. And we’re just going to make a joke about it, ”Liedman stated, noting that the present is not right here to carry the viewers’s hand, particularly given the“ golden opportunity ”to be on one. of the most important streaming platforms on the earth. “That is what it’s … let’s simply go for the fences.”

He provides, “And the concept of ​​exhibiting penises and stuff, it was like we weren’t doing that, so we weren’t doing an grownup present. Individuals can deal with it or they will flip it off, ? “

Q-Power premieres Thursday, September 2 on Netflix.