‘The Conners’ Sneak Peek: Darlene, Jackie and Harris Pick a Wedding Venue (Exclusive)

'The Conners' Sneak Peek: Darlene, Jackie and Harris Pick a Wedding Venue (Exclusive)

After starting things off with the wedding at the start of Season 4, Conners Now even more marriages end with that of Darlene (Sarah Gilbert) and Ben (J.R. Ferguson), Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and Neville (Nate Faxon), as well as Harris (Emma Kenny) and Aldo (Tony Cavallero). ) all are engaged.

As a result of the engagement of the three couples, they decide to plan a big wedding so that everyone can get married at the same time. And in ET’s exclusive glimpse of the Season 4 finale, the planning session starts off off to a good start as the family collectively decide on an iconic venue.

After Darlene suggests they all get married on “the banks of the Des Plaines River”, Dan (John Goodman) jumps in with a better idea. “Why don’t you have it here at home? We’ll take out the furniture, the place will look great, you can save a ton of money,” he offers.

Everyone quickly jumps onboard as Ben marks one of the squares on his planning board. “Great, we found a spot,” he says.

Of course, when it comes to the Connor family, nothing beats 100 percent smooth sailing. “It’s really two steps forward and 15 steps back,” executive producer Bruce Halford joked to ET about the many ups and downs he’s experienced over the years.

As the episode description teases, “Did all six lovebirds make it through ‘I do?’ Will you make it?” And if Dan’s marriage to Lewis (Katie Sagal) is any indication – remember the tornado, So anything can happen on the wedding day.

Conners The Season 4 finale airs Wednesday, May 18 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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