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‘The Chase’ Host Sarah Haines Reveals Whether Legendary ‘Jeopardy! Competitors study beforehand (exclusive)

'The Chase' Host Sarah Haines Reveals Whether Legendary 'Jeopardy!  Competitors study beforehand (exclusive)

Haines offered glowing reviews for the 'Jeopardy!' legends now serving as the show's trivia masters.

Sarah Haines has two words to describe Danger! Legends who work as masters of common sense Pursuance – Elite athlete!

Hines, host of hit ABC quiz show, invites ET’s Will Marfuggi to set Pursuance where he sang high praises for James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter, Danger! Legends that need no introduction. What they need, or it seems, is a chill pill, because Hines says their study habits and determination are unparalleled.

“He has a brutal instinct,” Hines told ET. “The only one I know who doesn’t study a lot is James, who’s funny because he’s furious. But others are active quizzes, so they spend hours a day training like a typical athlete.”

But fans needn’t worry — they’re all in this together!

“They’re all competitors,” Hines repeats. “I think it’s a prerequisite for doing this kind of work; people with common sense are super competitive, but they’re a lot of fun. We really hang out as a group and they … Like, they’ll hit the bear, they enjoy teasing each other, but they’re amazing people.”

Danger! GOAT Ken Jennings Once Also Served As Trivia Master Pursuance, an adaptation of the British game show in which contestants face off against the masters of common sense. Jennings has since stepped away from the show, but joining Holzauer and Rutter as trivia masters are Buzzy Cohen, Brandon Blackwell, and the show’s first female trivia master, Victoria Gross.

Cohen, A Danger! The fan favorite, won the show’s Tournament of Champions in 2017. Blackwell Earns His Quiz Stripes who wants to be a Millionaire and the famous UK quiz show, university challenge, while Grosse is considered one of the best quizzes in the world. Her joining the show bolstered an already strong team of trivia masters, but also proved crucial that she was joining a male-dominated world.

“It’s a huge deal,” Hines said of Gross joining the group. “The world of quizzing is extremely male dominated. There are a lot of men out there. [Groce joining] shows the importance of representation, in the form of a woman standing here, knowing that there was a woman [on the trivia master seat], and she’s not just on the team — she might be the best on the team. She is the number one quizzer in the world. She is kind and she is sweet but she is furious. So every time I look at him above there’s a little part of me that says, ‘Oh my god, I could have done that too.'”

Gross said she knew from an early age that it would be her thing to dominate common sense.

“I started doing this when I was 8 years old,” she recalled. “I was on my elementary school’s Quiz Bowl team and was yelling answers at the screen Danger! I was a big ‘ol nerd, yeah.”

Blackwell referred to the group as “professional nerds”, a term of love he happily owns. But he also admits that, despite his TV game show appearances, he hasn’t been in the game as much as the rest of the group. Cohen, who remembers, Won The Tournament of Champions in 2017 says he still hasn’t gotten over it all.

“I’m still not sure I’m good at it,” he says. “I think I’m lucky on this one, I still feel the same way. But I’m just enjoying the ride.”

season 3 Pursuance Premieres Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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