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Saturday, September 24, 2022

‘The Boys’: Launch energy drink based on the Prime Video series

TheBoys is one of the most popular series of 2022, either because of its history or the large amount of violence shown in each chapter; Garth Ennis and Amazon Prime have known how to satisfy viewers.

With 3 seasons and a fourth in production, TheBoys has brought with him a lot of memesbecause the series of superheroes is also characterized by joking with other similar productions, created by Marvel and DC, as with real life events.

TheBoys and the Compound V

in the universe of TheBoys there is a serum known as Compound Vwhich it is used by the protagonists in order to obtain superpowers and in this way face those superheroes who abuse their abilities by doing endless atrocities.

TheBoys launches its own energy drink

Once again reality exceeds fiction, because through a tweet, the official account of Sony cconfirms the market launch of the Compound V, an energy drink which is already available under the G Fuel brand, dedicated to marketing supplements made with caffeine.

Until now, Compound V only available in the US via Amazon, however, due to the success of the superhero series, many fans are already calling for shipping coverage to be expanded to other parts of the world.

The fourth season of TheBoys is on the way

Many fans of the series are excited because only a few months from the end of the third season, it was confirmed that the fourth is already on the wayalthough a release date has not been given, it was made official that Jefrrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead Y Grey’s Anatomy) will be part of this fourth round of episodes.

As fans of the series wait for the new season, tIt was also confirmed that a spin-off called Gen V will also be coming soon.


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