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‘The boy with the red balloon’, the chapter of Silvia Pinal that caused nightmares in Mexican mothers

In the history of Mexican television there are different chapters that undoubtedly left a mark on the audience and ‘Woman, real life cases’ it has some of those that were undoubtedly too strong for their time.

On this occasion, we will talk about one of the strongest episodes of this program and of which many viewers continue to ask if it is real, the actresses in charge of interpreting the victims of this case are Violeta Isfel and Patricia Reyes Spindola, two of the favorites of the public.

The chapter is currently available on YouTube, however, its quality is low because it was released in 1998 and because of its cruelty, it has not been remastered.

This was the romance between Silvia Pinal and Emilio Azcárraga Milmo

Was the case of ‘The boy with the red balloon’ real?

Presented by Silvia Pinal and starring byr Violeta Isfel and Patricia Reyes Spindola, besides the little boy Luis Fernando Madrizcount in 21 minutes the pdisturbing story about organ theft in infants, one of the crimes that had the greatest impact in the 1990s.

It is important to remember that according to the scoop of the program ‘Woman, real life cases‘, all the cases they presented are based on letters from their followers, however, with this episode we could doubt this.

When the chapter premiered and the following broadcastyou, Silvia Pinal shared with her viewers that many of them wanted to help the mother of affected childHowever, she assured that they were waiting for her to contact the production again, however, no longer more was discussed on the subject.

In addition, there is no information that this program has a story behind it that has been true because in the program no further information was given about the mother or the child who would have been a victim of organ traffickers.

For its part, the The PGR of that year began an investigation to find a gang of traffickers at the request of the citizens since there was a collective hysteria, without have reliable evidence that such an organization existed, so decided to end the case.

What is the chapter about?

As you may have already read, it is about a single mother with two small children who live in extreme poverty, so she must work washing other people’s clothes to survive.

One day, after returning from school, the little boy is kidnapped by a couple of traffickers who keep the minor kidnapped, while his mother go to the police for help.

As the days go by, a knock on the door is filled with terror when discovering his sonand found without eyesin addition to being accompanied by a red balloon and a significant amount of money.

We recommend discretion when rewatching this chapter of ‘Woman, real life cases’.


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