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The blue Angels. “We have never been in a comfort zone”

“From Iztapalapa to the world” is the phrase that characterizes one of the most important and recognized groups in our country, The Blue Angels, because their cumbia has not only stood out in Mexico rather, it has crossed borders, bringing the good humor and excitement of dancing to many nations.

The members of the group assure that although the years go by, they have always innovated in their songs, as well as enjoying making various collaborations with all kinds of artists that enrich their music and, of course, bring them closer to a larger audience; that is why the youngest also enjoy its rhythms.

“As a group we believe that we have never been in a comfort zone, we will always continue to do more and more. Maybe at some time our songs stopped being listened to a bit, but that was because we went from record to MP3; then came the digital age and it can be said that in that intergroup we were left flying. Music evolves, as in everything there is a trance, but from there we gain strength to move forward and create collaborations with great artists, “he said in an interview with MILLENNIUM Jorge Mejía Avante, member of the group.

Los Ángeles Azules have more than four decades of experience and songs as popular as “The ribbon of your hair”, “How am I going to forget you?” and “17 years”, which are some of those that have transcended in the Mexican industry. And it is that his music is enjoyed in all kinds of events, in any social status. and best of all is that now they are also joining music festivals and collaborating with various singers.

“I believe that there is no key as such in music, rather it also has to do with the songs you sing, the stories we want to tell; we have songs that people love a lot and that have already gone down in history. Songs from ‘How am I going to forget you?’, to ’17 years’, are the ones that have stayed for generations and we know that many continue to listen to us. We love that”, said José Alfredo Mejía Avante, who is in charge of the keyboard and the accordion.

against cancellation

The group has also faced some criticism due to its themes, as recently social media users They asked to cancel the theme “17 years”, because they said that the song spoke of a love between a man and a minor. This situation surprised the group because they did not do it with that intention; After having made several clarifications on social networks about what some people thought, they clarified that when they made it they created it as a story of a first love.

“The truth is that we have been in music for so many years, we have been here for a long time and we are used to all kinds of criticism, we have been through everything, but it is not good for people to invent these things for us. I composed it for a first love of both hers and his, it is the first time that the girl leaves her housea, because she is someone very well cared for by her family, the boy tells her that if that is love, she questions him and so does she; she is a young couple, not everything they say, that they invented, ”said Jorge, who even began to sing the song, explaining each verse.

In collaboration

The Blue Angels have made proposals with various artists such as Natalia Lafourcade with the song “It’s never enough”, with Ximena Sariñana in “My feelings”, “Love at first sight” with Belinda and “Another night” with Nikki Nicoleas well as the award-winning song “Cumbia a la gente” with the Puerto Rican Guaynaa, among many other hits, to continue shining with new songs that the various audiences like.

On this occasion they created “Cumbia del corazón”, alongside Colombian Carlos Vives, a song that will make the public dance and which premiered yesterday on all digital platforms.

According to Cristina Mejía Avante, what attracted them to do a duet with Vives was his humour, his charisma and above all the rhythm he injects into the melodies. “We decided that Carlos was perfect because he is Colombian, plus he has incredible energy.; the rhythm of the cumbia from there is very rich, very enriched because the way Carlos sings was a beautiful sensation. We next to him felt immense joy, we noticed it when we went to shoot the video and we saw him record with a feeling and mix it with the rhythm of the song, it was really very cool, “said the singer.

To which Jorge immediately added: “For the first time we went to Colombia to play, we had never been before and we thought a lot about how they would receive us there. It is difficult for them in Colombia, the cradle of cumbia, to hire someone from another country, because they are The Hispanics, La Sonora Dinamita, all the Colombians that exist until today; It was difficult for us to go there, because in each state there are different rhythms of cumbia”.

“How are they going to find some Mexicans? They invited us to play the June 10 to a type National Auditorium and all the news was talking about us, it was an incredible experience, then we went to Lima, Peru, with spectacular artists. And now with Carlos Vives it is wonderful”, Jorge mentioned.

“Cumbia del corazón” was written by Joss Favela, rhythms from both Colombia and Mexico are integrated into the song, so it has a great mix of cultures. The single is accompanied by the official video that was recorded at the La Piel Roja tavern in Bogotá.


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