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The Blind Worm reinvents itself

The Blind Worm reinvents itself

MEXICO CITY (El Common) .— The pandemic solely empowered the members of La Gusana Ciega in numerous methods, as Daniel, Germán and Lu bought all the way down to work with digital concert events, with the distant preparation of their subsequent album “1021” and even the artwork that will probably be seen in it.

Though the fabric will probably be introduced subsequent 12 months, the band right now releases the primary single that makes it up, entitled “Start from zero”.

“We had to reinvent ourselves. Luis for a long time had wanted to work in animation and it was there his showcase to make curtains and spaces for animation, Daniel likes visual things and acting, he took advantage and made some sketches that we put in online concerts, I I keep learning things at home ”, they commented at a press convention.

Germán additionally used his creativeness to create a machine with a “dimension aligner” that is sort of a form of black gap and that would be the cowl of the album.

In the meantime, they emphasised this single that he says speaks of those occasions which can be being lived.

“It is a job that we started to do at the end of last year but this year we already started to work in shape with what this production was going to be, sharing audio files, having meetings in zoom, etc. I think that although the idea was to try to compose an album that would counteract what we are experiencing in a pandemic, at the end of the day as human beings it was inevitable that what we were experiencing would permeate ”, commented the band.