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The Black Telephone Comes, With Ethan Hawke: The Director Speaks

The Black Telephone Comes, With Ethan Hawke: The Director Speaks

American director Scott Derrickson said in an interview with EFE during the Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico, the success of the horror genre in cinema is based more on believable characters, than on audience interest sources or general stories.

“To make a horror film, it’s important to get the audience interested in the characters, not to put themselves in real danger, be genuinely afraid that something bad is going to happen to a certain character, or to be able to escape them.” Want to be Danger Ka. The more you play with hope and fear, the more terrifying the film will be.”

Derrickson showcases his new film black phone in the Charity Gala section of the Guadalajara International Film Festival, where it began its promotional tour ahead of its theatrical release on Thursday 23 June.

Ethan Hawke is “The Raptor” in Derrickson’s film. photo ipu

American, who first led Doctor StrangeOffering a talk for students and professionals of the film industry in Mexico.

His new film tells the story of a masked killer named “The Raptor” who kidnaps Finney, a 13-year-old boy, in the basement of a solitary confinement. The boy tries to escape from his kidnapper with the help of mysterious calls from past victims through a broken black phone on the basement wall.

american actor Ethan Hawke Gives life to “El Raptor”, the character who wears a mask created by the director and who is the epitome of the film. Derrickson says he chose Hawk because he considered him “one of the best actors in the world” and because he knew he would make the character his own.

Benedict Cumberbatch in "Doctor Strange" (2016), directed by Derrickson.  photo file clarin

Benedict Cumberbatch in “Doctor Strange” (2016), directed by Derrickson. photo file clarin

“My job was to make an awesome and iconic mask with different pieces, a character that Ethan could create and innovate and I thought he could take the mask and create a character that was so great and Be attractive, whether she’s wearing it or not,” Express.

director of horror films like Emily Rose’s Exorcism He said that there was little collaboration between Hawke and Mason Thames, the boy who plays Phinney, to promote the panic in the scenes between the two.

"The Exorcism of Emily Rose", her film which surprised her in 2005.  photo archivo clarina

“The Exorcism of Emily Rose”, her film which surprised her in 2005. photo archivo clarina

“I wanted him to suddenly panic about being in front of one of the great actors, and because I hadn’t done a film before, it was great because he really interacted in the scenes, I could feel in every take. I think Mason was actually seeing and listening to Ethan and Ethan doing that to him,” he explained.

his most personal film

In addition to the suspenseful storyline, the film delves into Finney’s personal life in the midst of a dysfunctional family in the state of Colorado, motherless and with an alcoholic father, who makes her an easy victim of bullying.

the manager said black phone It is his “most personal” film because it chronicles many of his childhood experiences and memories in a small town in Colorado, a more homely atmosphere for a story taken from the book of the same name by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill. is to make. ,

“When I got the story, I understood that I had to make the story of Phinney’s home and relationships with his friends, the other victims, his school and all that. Tried to capture that feeling in my memories and the place, based on the bullying I experienced and the violence of the boys I knew and the neighborhood I lived in,” he said.

Source: EFE Agency


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