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The best melodies to listen to on Apple Argentina anytime, anywhere

Music is part of daily life in Argentina. (Infobae)

The musical offer has never been so extensive as we see it in the new millennium, so it is easy for more than one person to feel outdated, however, with the emergence of platforms like Apple, keeping up with the most popular of the moment has become easier.

And it is that Apple has provided its users with playlists where they can consult the news and the topics that are conquering the Argentine public.

From reggaeton, pop, ballads and regional music, These are the most famous hits in Argentina:

1. Quevedo: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52

The Bizarrap and Quevedo theme is very successful among the users of this platform. Today it is still in the first position.

two. how did you sleep?


Four. The bachata

If we talk about the darlings of the public, we must mention Manuel Turizo. Perhaps this is why The bachata debuts in the ranking directly in fourth place.

5. I behave pretty


Reaping successes is synonymous with Duki. Therefore, it is not surprising that his new production, called GIVENCHY, I debuted in sixth position on that occasion. Who else could boast so many premium streams?

7. Titi asked me

8. Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule of Bad Bunny remains in eighth place.

9. Pretty eyes

The most recent single by Bad Bunny and Bomba Estéreo already looks like a new classic. Pretty eyes enter today with a firm step to the list of most listened to songs on this streaming platform.

10. The Triple T

*Some descriptions may not be available because they are not provided by the platform.

apple in streaming

With its audio and video services, Apple is also looking to dominate the streaming war.  (REUTERS/Mike Segar)
With its audio and video services, Apple is also looking to dominate the streaming war. (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

Apple Inc.. is an American company that produces electronic equipment, software, and also provides audio and video services through its various streaming platforms.

It is a company that has been considered for several years as one of the most striking and valuable in the world. According to The Wall Street Journal, in August 2018 Apple became the first form to achieve a capitalization above 2 billion dollars; this year has exceeded the number of 3 trillion dollars.

Among its programs, it stands out Apple Musicwhich has the function of allowing its users to access music and podcasts.

Through its service, users of “la manzanita” can access more than 90 million songs, more than 30 thousand playlists and various podcasts. Like its similar ones, it allows you to download the songs and listen to them offline.

As for the itunes service to watch series and movies, users can find out in real time the content and recommendations not only from the platform itself, but also from channels or services it offers, which can be enjoyed in real time or downloaded and enjoyed offline. Internet.

Between the titles offered the company is acapulcoproduced by the Mexican Eugenio Derbez; Slow Horses, featuring actor Gary Oldman; korean dramas like Pachinko; series like The Peanuts Showamong others.


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Reference from www.infobae.com

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