Home Entertainment The best anecdotes of Joaquín Levinton, the revelation of MasterChef Celebrity 3

The best anecdotes of Joaquín Levinton, the revelation of MasterChef Celebrity 3

The best anecdotes of Joaquín Levinton, the revelation of MasterChef Celebrity 3

In recent times, Joaquín Levinton (46 years old) became one of those media and charismatic characters who, like Oscar Ruggeri, Ricardo Darín or Guillermo Coppola, among others, tend to lift the spirits of the -before call- teleplates, drawing on an inexhaustible hilarious anecdote.

In addition to his songs, the singer of Turf he was already known for his impudence. But his recent passage as a guest through different cycles of the prime time and his brand new addition to MasterChef Celebrity 3 (Telefe) seem to have installed him as a popular figure of the small screen and the networks.

As she prepares for a tour with himthe band that is celebrating twenty years of the disk Turfshow -the one who had the hit Crazy a little-, and try to survive the demanding culinary reality, it is worth reviewing some of sus most bizarre stories, always on the verge of implausibility and / or ridicule.

A Little Over A Week After Debut, Levinton Has Already Become The Revelation Of &Quot;Masterchef Celebrity 3&Quot; (Telefe).

A little over a week after debut, Levinton has already become the revelation of “MasterChef Celebrity 3” (Telefe).

Raúl, the fish (MasterChef Celebrity 3)

Joaquín was one of those summoned to the third edition of the reality show. On his debut, he had to deliver his plate first: a mushroom sole with potatoes and cauliflower. When he arrived, he could not explain to the jury how he had done it. “I made a little fish,” he told Germán Martitegui.

“A little fish? Does it have a name? ”The chef replied. “Raúl!”, was the hilarious response of the frontman of Turf, causing everyone to laugh. “I saw a ‘Raúl’ face on that fish,” he justified himself.

“It’s hake. No, sole! With some boiled potato chips to the hospital“, He later recalled, confessing that” he had never cooked cauliflower or fish. Despite everything, the return of the judges was favorable.

The Rat, the Bread and the Salmon (ESPN Playroom)

“He lived with the keyboardist and one more friend in a house called ‘the house of terror.’ It was a PH where there were pests of rats, cockroaches, fleas, ticks. And it turns out that in the kitchen there was a rat that lived under the oven, ”Levinton started.

“And we had a cat called ‘La Cantina de David’. Then the cat and the rat played with a bread, they passed the bread. The bread had already been around the house for six months, all nibbled and one day Andrés Calamaro came, ”the singer continued.

“We go to the kitchen, he grabs the bread, puts it on the kitchen table and asks me if I had anything to put on top. The only thing in the refrigerator was an almost extinct mayonnaise ”, he explained, and closed by explaining that the bread was so hard that the Salmon was chewing for a long time. “And, well, that. He ate the rat’s bread. But I never told him, he’s finding out now”.

To Joacucho, through the window (PH: We can talk)

“It was a time when I was at my house, permanently partying. AND he painted me buy me a motor home“Began the rocker, who in addition to buying a trailer from a lady, took her 4×4 truck and left the car with which she had arrived. “That one stayed two years there.”

Levinton With Singer Emilia Marnes, Last Saturday, In &Quot;Ph&Quot;.  Instagram.

Levinton with singer Emilia Marnes, last Saturday, in “PH”. Instagram.

“I went back to my house in that kind of convoy, I parked it and went into my house. And for a while I forgot ”, continued Levinton, who one day remembered and opened the motorhome with a trip to Valeria del Mar accompanied by a friend.

In the seaside resort, he met Cucho, from The Authentic Decadent. The two of them came up with recording an album on the trailer, which they christened “La Joacucho”, the same name as the album that they would end up releasing. But only then did he realize that he did not have the key to enter.

“Then we went all summer through the window. But since Cucho had a big ass, he got stuck and pushed it until he could get it in, “he said more than once in front of the cameras.

The charisma to avoid escrache (Los Mammones)

While he was composing a song at home, Levinton was told that they were waiting for him in Ezeiza to fly to Montevideo. “I asked when I had to be and they answered ‘Now!’ But I kept writing the song because I was close to it. They call me again and I tell them that I was about to leave. I finished the song, dressed as I could and left for the airport. “

Arrived 45 minutes later than the flight was leaving: “They waited for me because my good vibes always exceeded tolerance. It was one of two: either they killed me or they applauded me. I got on the plane and they were all quiet looking at me, then I said hello and everyone began to applaud me.”

Joaquín Levinton, Leader Of The Band Turf In Ezeiza.  / Martin Bonetto

Joaquín Levinton, leader of the band Turf in Ezeiza. / Martin Bonetto

“Then I asked for the phone number where the stewardess speaks and I put Creedence. She started the plane and everyone was singing Rolling On The River. My good vibes exceeded: when did you hear Creedence through the speakers of an airplane? “

The card that flew and never returned (The Millionaire Page)

“With my friends I went to the River court and we shared a single card. We paid, one went up and threw the card from the San Martín stand. It took us a while to get in, but we always did. The funny thing was that once, on a windy day, one threw the card and we had the misfortune that the card fell into a policeman’s hat, “the story started.

“The policeman left, without realizing it, with the card in his hat. Can you understand that? They are forces of the dynamics of the wind, ha,” he analyzed.

Comprehensive review (in PH: We Can Talk)

Invited this last Saturday to the Andy Kusnetzoff cycle -for the second time this year-, Levinton recalled the day when with a friend who was a jeweler, they left a Cosquín Rock and, by a dark route, they were stopped by the Gendarmerie and were searched in a section.

“That was the first time the book was opened to me,” said the singer. Given the lack of understanding of some of the other guests, he explained: “They put us naked and opened my ass,” he revealed, in a funny tone, and clarifying that this was the name of this exhaustive review at the time of the colimba.

Levinton And Coppola, Members Of The Hilarious Storytelling Club On Tv.  Instagram.

Levinton and Coppola, members of the hilarious storytelling club on TV. Instagram.

The danger of being the opening act (Los Mammones)

On the Jey Mammon show, Levinton recounted when Turf was asked to be the opening band for the Rolling Stones in 1998. “(Daniel) Grinbank calls me and says ‘You are in danger of death at the concert. I give you the freedom to play tomorrow or I put you in another concert in the future ‘. I said kill me. It was the Rolling Stones, my idols, I started playing guitar for them ”.

As the producer had anticipated, Turf’s support show was difficult, but everyone came off stage unscathed: “We dodged everything, real cobblestones. I was saying ‘If we overcome the first song, we already have our lives off the hook’, it was topic by topic. It was a disaster. When the third topic finished I said ‘Ready, here they don’t kill us’”, He concluded with a laugh.

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