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The band that had to change its name because it referred to a femicide

With nearly two and a half decades of experience, Tango Group Bombay Bs., formerly called 34 Punaldasi You changed its name in the time of The Green Handkerchief reappears with the title of their ninth studio album injured nightwhich includes a song called leap curseWritten before the pandemic and whose lyrics, almost in prophecy, foreshadowed what would happen in the world.

“There are many songs in which ghostly society is visible. I remember going for walks at night to distract myself and get out of the lockdown. It was an empty city. I passed the door of the CAFF one night and it made me nostalgic to see the lock on its door. It was a disappointment. The strange thing is that songs are being written with that spirit before the arrival of Covid,” he says. Alexander Giotto, front man Of orchestra.

The British bar in San Telmo, where musicians meet, is full. It is afternoon in Buenos Aires, which is already very different from the atmosphere of confinement experienced in previous years. The autumn sun slowly peeks out. In the words of Alejandro these are added Edgardo Gonzalez and Maximiliano CortezBoth members of a guitar line that add rhythm to their voices.

Bombay B.S.  Us.  Turns out that in the network he was scorned for being called 34 Stabs.  photo juano tesone

Bombay B.S. Us. Turns out that in the network he was scorned for being called 34 Stabs. photo juano tesone

interrupted recording

“The recording of the album was suddenly interrupted. The idea of ​​rehearsing with Zoom didn’t work out. At the end of 2020 we rehearsed in a courtyard, but for a long time everyone was on their own. We don’t have a music director, What is born is in rehearsals, whether it is aesthetics and music, all this time was not easy, but we managed the new album anyway, ”says Edgardo.

When a guitarist talks about nothing being easy, a lot of it has to do with close loss around the set, which he associates with a semi-broken voice. “I worked with Gabo Ferro and he died, we also lost very close relatives. We have lost parents, the son of one of our congregations also passed away. Although poetry is written today, but What happened was devastating for us.”

The essential question is about rebuilding after great circumstances such as the death of loved ones, in which the composer states:

“We’re playing again. It’s not a ‘we came back, we played’, but a reconfiguration. We came back like the house that caught fire And it is necessary to rebuild, restructure the links, the relations, the masses. To rediscover ourselves, we’re back quietly, but with an album, and we’ll be presenting it at CAFF on April 8 and 9.

name change

It’s not easy to reinvent with a new name when a group has already come a long way, but when the feminist wave took over the streets and squares of the country, they had no other choice.

34 stab woundsNames in Tribute to Tango sincere request -in which a man stabs a woman 34 for betrayal -by Edmundo Rivero, nicknamed “El Varone del Tango”, suddenly he was in the sight of fervent fighters against feminists.

“We We changed the name so we can continue doing the same thing we were doing, which is what we have to continue talking about. There is a point: when we adopted that name we were referring to the aesthetics of Julio De Caro, we were already eight years old and we had recorded three albums. Our first step was investigative”, Alejandro assured.

looking to the future.  CAFF PHOTO OF BOMBAY BS Us Juano Tessone has a new album and two shows

looking to the future. CAFF PHOTO OF BOMBAY BS Us Juano Tessone has a new album and two shows

After a brief moment in which the voices of the three members interfere, the singer takes over again.

,We have talked to many friends about the name of the group, This led us to deeper reflections. For example, our song broken virgins Talks about a girl who fell into trafficking and was included in a compilation called It’s About Us. The need for a naturally occurring change was ripe”, reflects the singer-songwriter.

-Have you received complaints about your last name through social networks?

edgardoThe name had no meaning in the new poems. People started arguing when we told about the change. Typical debate in the network. it is true that we got some shitBut this happens in the network. It’s a Bondi that’s already done. We know who we are.

Maximilian: We don’t have groups. And it’s not our intention to speak critically. To be clear to you, we don’t depend on the old Tango.

i hear a tango and a rock

In these processes of change or marked events, which in the case of Bombay BS have been notorious throughout its history, the generation holds a relevant aspect according to the reading of its members.

“With few exceptions, we are orphans within the gap that was left decades ago among tango with the presence of our generation that took it upon themselves again. Our parents relate to the presence of Argentine rock, For example, my old man is Willy Quiroga’s age”, says Alejandro.

Bombay BS Us covered Acorzado Potemkin and Manal, among other rockers.  photo juano tesone

Bombay BS Us covered Acorzado Potemkin and Manal, among other rockers. photo juano tesone

Along the same lines, Edgardo deepened the idea. “Rock passed through the medium, we are from the nineties generation and it was common for those of us who embraced tango to have an aesthetic closer to rock. The 21st century had authenticity. People saw the first And thought: ‘What are they playing? Is it the rock, because of the clothes they are wearing?’ It established a real, novel relationship.”

With regard to acceptance by the public and purists, the group never faced judgments, which in their underground era, as a guideline, was already noticeable when they played. El Malevaje, a cult “Milonga” Which was in front of the tracks of La Boca, close to Caminito.

“In our early years, elders used to come to watch us play. He hugged us, thanked us. Tango was absent music in Argentine music. We were El Aranque, La Fierro and Hum among a few others. There are a lot of Pugli-style orchestras now. Everything is more generous, multiplied. When we started, you couldn’t find a Bandonian player playing in a bar”, recalls Alejandro.

At the same time, long-gone tango musicians—some of whom have died—also focused on the quintet.

“In 2005 we shared a nd attinio with Nestor Marconi, Leopoldo Federico and Colacho Brizuela. We were in the dressing room wondering if we were going to say hello to Leopoldo. We were ashamed. The truth is it’s the second Kindly happened: He appeared, bowing down, with his cane, and confronted us: ‘Guys, can you sign my CD for me?’ We were frozen”, they relate, smiling.

With so much time spent visiting nightclubs with his music, the surprising thing came when his songs were adapted into others’ versions. He excites the singer and expresses it.

“We run into new generations who play our songs. ‘Look how it sounds for our tango La Fierro!’. It took us the courage to cover through the record songs of smoke, There we visited Manal, Acorzados Potemkin, Tata Cedron, La Chicana; We thought that when Gardel did the fox-trot… hence the idea”.

Bombay BS Us, in his rehearsal room.  photo Juan Tesson

Bombay BS Us, in his rehearsal room. photo Juan Tesson

travel the world

Between international forums and local basements, Bombay Bs Us traveled several times to play large outdoor stage, Countries such as France, Italy, Austria, the United States, Canada, South America and Australia were destinations where their tango offering had a high impact.

“out for us they frame us within the music of the world, How good are festivals with excellent communication and music-loving audiences. People always know what they are going to see. The public knew about us most of the time. They are very knowledgeable and being a foreigner makes it easier”, describes the singer.

Regarding the method Alejandro used to communicate with the public, he details the following: “We do partial translations. For example, I speak German. I worked with the producer who gave us ‘Here it says this,’ he would tell her.

when he sang coup d’état, explained the character and this led me to explain that the genre was played in the province of Buenos Aires, Montevideo and southern Brazil; that brings people together.”

In the same direction, Edgardo reads aloud a paragraph from a text by author Fernando Pessoa, which deeply conveys the feeling of playing second place with a different language: “I sang a song by a distant country. Introduced unfamiliar words. It seemed like a fado to the soul, but there was no resemblance to it … “.

While the experiences outside are special, they show that something new is happening here as well in the current environment.

“It’s very interesting what’s going on, Tango’s intersection with hip hop, new moves, They invite us. In small spaces, meetings are held at private addresses in homes; Also places like La Ventanita de Arrabal by the kids of Sexteto Fantasia. We also played at the punk festival Salon Pooredon; It is time to rebuild the scene”, concluded Alejandro.


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