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‘The Bachelorette’s Connor B., Tre and Aaron Tease Their’ Bachelor in Paradise ‘Stints (Exclusive)

'The Bachelorette's Connor B., Tre and Aaron Tease Their' Bachelor in Paradise 'Stints (Exclusive)

Almost Paradise! Before the premiere in August Bachelor in Paradise, ET spoke with Connor Brennan, Tre Cooper and Aaron Clancy, three of Katie Thurston’s exes who will be leaving their Bachelorette party heartbreak in America as they head to the beaches of Mexico.

“You can look forward to the most unbuttoned shirts you’ve ever seen. I mean, it was unbuttoned up to here already, let’s dig deeper. Paradise“Connor joked about his signature style, after recording the Men say it all special. “Maybe completely unbuttoned. Who knows?”

“It was unbelievable,” he added, not being embarrassed by his unbuttoned shirts. Paradise. “I could leave my shirt completely unbuttoned and no one would give me a shit because I was on a beach, and on a beach, you can leave your shirt open. It was where it was meant to be.”

As for Tre, he told ET that fans “can expect some intense love, some of me exposing myself, going for it, not being afraid of rejection, and exposing it and seeking my connection.”

“I don’t want to reveal too much,” Tre added, “but it gets hot.”

When it comes to who he could warm up to, Tre pointed to Abigail Heringer, who appeared on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

“Abigail is someone I haven’t been shy about saying I was interested in meeting. She’s someone from Matt’s season that I really liked,” Tre said. “I loved everything about the values ​​she showed, the way she carries herself. Surely, she is probably the forefront of my mind when I walk into Paradise. “

Meanwhile, Aaron was silent on which girl he might try to woo. Paradise, joking, “Every girl catches my eye a bit.”

“Wait for me shirtless for sure. Expect a lot of nectar and expect some facts,” Aaron told ET de Paradise, adding that he would “certainly” call people who “blatantly for the wrong reasons”, just as he did in High school.

So far, the only other men of Katie’s season who were addressed Paradise They are James Bonsall and Karl Smith, the latter of whom was one of the people Aaron called out for their bad intentions.

While more singles like BEEP Contestants in due course, that list will not include Michael Allio or Andrew Spencer, both fan favorites from Katie’s season.

Michael, a widower and single father, told ET that BEEP “Definitely not” is something he would do, but Andrew expressed his frankness at the prospect of appearing on the show in the future.

“I would love to [to go on] Paradise, but I didn’t continue this season, “Andrew said.” I am so open in the search for love. I’m really looking to fall in love I’m an optimistic romantic and that’s 100 percent what I’m trying to do right now. “

The next season of BEEP comes after a nearly two-year break from the program in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Season 7 It will be unlike any other as it comes after Chris Harrison’s departure from the franchise following his racist controversy.

In place of Chris, Wells Adams, who previously served as Paradise bartender, will take on an expanded role, serving as the Master of Cocktails and Ceremonies. Additionally, the season will feature celebrity guest presenters such as Lance Bass, Lil Jon, Tituss Burgess, and David Spade.

When ET spoke to Wells about the upcoming season earlier this month, he said it will have a “different vibe” than it did in the past.

“I think a really fun trip awaits everyone, and then I’ll be there for therapy sessions and drinks,” Wells continued. “… I’m excited that everyone can go back and walk through the gates of Paradise. We had to take a break last year, which was a bummer, because I really love helping to do the show, and I think America really loves coming to the gates and going down the stairs with us. So I’m happy he’s back. “

Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise It will premiere on August 16 on ABC.