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‘The Bachelorette’: One of Rachel’s men switches sides for Gabby in dramatic preview

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Rachel Rackia is in for more mayhem in next week’s episode The Bachelorette, At the end of Monday’s episode of the series, a preview for the next installment kept the drama moving in the wake of People’s decision to switch from Rachel’s visit to Gabby.

Everyone starts off well as the head of the group in Bruges, Belgium. Gabby is “riding high” while Rachel is busy pursuing her relationship with Aven, Ethan, and Tyler, leaving her feeling “so happy”.

Logan would play spoilsport by telling the camera, “I care about Rachel, but I can’t put aside my initial feelings for Gabby.”

After Logan’s revelations, Rachel tells Gabby that the whole thing is “outrageous.” Logan gets what he wants, however, and shocks Gabby’s men as he arrives to join their side.

“Is Gabby questioning her relationship with the rest of us?” Spencer questions after Logan’s sudden arrival.

Meanwhile, Rachel is crying out in a confession that, as she admits, “I don’t want to do that anymore.”

When ET spoke to Rachel before the start of the season, she was candid about her low points during the journey.

“The ups and downs of the whole trip are so crazy. It’s never linear. It’s great and it’s bad. It feels like you’re going back and forth every day,” Rachel said. “It’s a struggle, but it’s worth it.”

The Bachelorette Airs on Mondays on ABC. Keep up with historical weather with the following ET’s coverage of series.

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