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‘The Bachelorette’: One Man Predicts Having Two Leads is ‘going to get complicated very quickly’ (EXCLUSIVE)

upcoming season of The Bachelorette There will be some unique complications. In an exclusive sneak peek clip from Monday’s season 19 premiere, Gabby Windy is busy making connections on a night out.

“I can meet my future husband tonight. There are too many men out there,” she says in a confession, before describing a potential obstacle to her happy ending. “There are two of us, so hopefully this isn’t what Rachel wants.”

Rachel, of course, is Rachel Rekia, the other woman who was tapped to star in the season. Keeping potential odds in the back of her mind, Gabby sits down to chat with Eric, one of the season’s 32 suitors.

“I’ll give you a compliment. You look absolutely stunning,” the 29-year-old tells Gabby, a real estate analyst.

Erich plays the joke by laughing about his mullet, and tells the cameras about his face-to-face with Gabby.

“I had a great conversation,” he said, before revealing why that fact made him less interested in Rachel.

“There are definitely two bachelors and they’re both wonderful. I can see how it’s going to get complicated very quickly. It’s going to be interesting,” he later told his fellow suitors, “I’m going to talk Both of them. That’s my plan. We’ll see what happens.”

As the clip clearly shows, the season will present a situation previously unheard of, something host Jesse Palmer teased in a recent interview with ET.

“There is no set formula,” he said. “There are no rules. I think this is something that fans of Bachelor Nation and the house are going to see. A lot of things are going to happen that never happened before.”

While Jessie wouldn’t share details about how specifically Rachel and Gabby would be dating the same 32 men, she assured viewers that the women “absolutely” [be] support each other more than compete,” some franchise alums have expressed concern about.

As for men, Jesse said that “some guys have a little idea of ​​who they want to date and who they’re hoping to end up with, and there are other men who literally have no idea and they try.” Doing a date together.”

“It’s a completely new format. Two Bachelorettes trying to find love, two different people who are great friends, who come from different backgrounds, but deserve to be loved,” he said. Told. “All the relationship challenges and stuff that they have to navigate to get to that point is going to be really interesting and unique.”

season 19 The Bachelorette Premieres on Monday, July 11 on ABC.

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