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‘The Bachelorette’: Michelle Young teases a ‘really emotional’ end to her season (exclusive)

'The Bachelorette': Michelle Young teases a 'really emotional' end to her season (exclusive)

Michelle Young’s love journey will end emotionally. As the second half of their season of The Bachelorette 28-year-old teacher Lauren Zima from ET opens the preview, which she shows while crying at what appears to be her final rose ceremony.

“It’s getting emotional. It’s getting really, very emotional,” said Michelle ET of the moment that was first teased at the end of the episode on Tuesday. “There is clarity and confusion.”

But there is still a long way to go until this moment. At this point in the season, Michelle is with her last eight husbands, hoping that love is in her future.

“This is like that halfway point where I could really feel myself developing strong feelings for these men,” she told ET. “It’s so crazy to think that you met her not too long ago … It was that point in the season that I thought, ‘Okay. I could see this could work.'”

As Michelle’s confidence in the process grew, it was not without tough or emotional moments.

“I usually don’t allow people to see me cry,” she said. “… I have a feeling America saw me cry more than my friends saw me cry. And they will see me shed more tears.”

“It wasn’t that dramatic,” continued Michelle, “only if you go along with it, do it right and are invested, tears will flow. It has to be. I allowed myself to let go and feel all the emotions.”

Many of these feelings came to the surface when Michelle and her suitors left Palm Springs, California for their hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“If you can go to a person’s hometown, you can learn so much about them from the experiences they’ve had,” said Michelle. “For me it was actually able to actually show the men and see how they fit into these parts of your life [rather] than just talking about it. “

“When we were in the middle of the desert, you get to know them and talk about all these different things and talk about where you come from, how you grew up and what you’ve been through,” she continued. “But in Minnesota I was finally able to show them that, and that’s when I really realized how much I was investing.”

Fellow Minnesotan Joe landed the first one-on-one interview in their joint state, and Michelle told ET that her feelings for him “definitely skyrocketed” during their date.

“Joe, he was very calm up to this point, was very reluctant,” said Michelle. “I wanted him to be on this date because I felt like Minnesota was that comfort zone for him and that was how I would really be able to learn. [I figured that] It was just a little easier to be vulnerable when you’re home and close to family … Joe is someone I really noticed. “

Living in the same state, Michelle noted, would make for a “smooth transition” after thatBachelorette.

“That wouldn’t be a transition,” she quipped. “I felt like we were living these parallel lives. It would just be to combine them a little more.”

She also had a one-on-one interview with Nayte, who earned her friends’ approval one afternoon at the lake.

“It’s not easy because they saw me go through difficult relationships, they guided me through breakups, and they’ll always be 100 percent honest,” said Michelle. “They asked him the tough questions, they really did.”

After that she had “very strong feelings” for the sales manager.

“One of the strongest feelings,” she said. “With this group of men at this time, it’s important to see how someone fits into your group of friends.”

As her feelings for Joe, Nayte, and others continue to rise, Michelle faces some difficult decisions about who to send home.

“I’d rather be the heartbroken person than break someone else’s heart,” she told ET. “I have a really hard time being the heartbreaker, and in this position you have to be the heartbreaker.”

All in all, Michelle said, she was confident in all of the decisions she had made throughout her journey.

“Getting it right, I think, for me is just listening to my gut instinct, because that’s not always what I have done in previous relationships,” she said. “… I just listen to my gut feeling with everything that tells me, even if it’s not what I want to hear or feel.”

“I don’t regret any of my decisions,” she added. “I learned a lot along the way… I feel like I gave everything I could. I stayed true to myself. I do not regret it. I try to accept it as we go … I didn’t want the pain away. I didn’t want the good feelings away. “

Now Michelle told ET that she is happy even though she would not reveal her relationship status.

“I’m happy with everything I got out of it,” she said. “That’s what I wanted at the end of it all, and now I have!”

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays on ABC. ET has had you with all of ours throughout Michelle’s season Bachelorette Cover.


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