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‘The Bachelorette’: How Michelle made history with her last 4 men

'The Bachelorette': How Michelle made history with her last 4 men

Michelle Young makes history. The teacher selected her last four men in the Tuesday night sequence The Bachelorette, heralding a first for the franchise.

When Michelle selected Joe, Rodney, Brandon, and Nayte as their remaining suitors, it was the first time in franchise history that the main cast’s final four potential games were blacks.

“I’m really excited that the whole world can see these love stories because they were love stories that weren’t common in the past,” said Michelle Lauren Zima of ET. “So that the audience can see this, this raw emotion that we talk about race, we talk about difficult things, that’s important.”

“For me, getting four men of color in the top four isn’t this strategy, but for me, those four happened to be the ones I really bonded with,” she continued. “There are so many wonderful things the world will see.”

When it comes to her remaining suitors, Michelle raved about each of the men as she spoke to ET.

“Minnesota Joe, he just gets this basketball life with me and that’s a piece of me that you can’t explain, but when you understand it it takes the relationship to another level,” she said of the real estate developer she was to shares a hometown.

“I just never had any questions or concerns about Rodney,” added the sales rep. “He’s all-in. He was all-in from that [first] Moment. Life would be so fun [with him]. “

As for Brandon, Michelle said the traveling nurse recruiter “is probably the guy who carries his heart the most”.

“I’ve never seen a man who can be so vulnerable. I felt like he really challenged me to do it, ”she added of Brandon before discussing her feelings for Nayte.

“Nayte is like that kinetic, passionate interaction and connection,” she said of the sales manager. “There are times when I can explain and there are times when I can’t.”

Michelle faces tough decisions as she decides which of the men to send home next.

“I’d rather be the heartbroken person than break someone else’s heart,” she told ET. “I have a really hard time being the heartbreaker, and in this position you have to be the heartbreaker.”

Nonetheless, Michelle said she was confident in all of the decisions she made throughout her trip.

“I don’t regret any of my decisions,” she said. “I learned a lot along the way… I feel like I gave everything I could. I stayed true to myself. I do not regret it.

Now Michelle told ET that she is happy even though she would not reveal her relationship status.

“I’m happy with everything I got out of it,” she said. “That’s what I wanted at the end of it all, and now I have!”

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays on ABC. ET has had you with all of ours throughout Michelle’s season Bachelorette Cover.


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