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‘The Bachelorette’: Gabby Windy and Rachel Ritchia address criticism of their two-lead season (EXCLUSIVE)

when bachelor The franchise may be notorious for claiming that each new season will be the most dramatic and shocking ever, this upcoming season. The Bachelorette proving to be polarizing.

In an exclusive conversation with ET, Bachelorette Stars Gaby Windy and Rachel Ritchia talk about all things sharing the spotlight, finding love, and navigating the world of reality TV.

“I think this season is definitely going to be so different from anything anyone has ever seen,” Rachel teased. “There are two of us, but also two different journeys… so how it goes, everyone will have to tune in and see. But I’m really excited for everyone to see how it works out.” Is!” He continued.

While a lot of information is still unknown about how the dueling-star show is going to play out, Rachel and Gabby assure that going through the season with a friend was actually beneficial to them… and they believe. That the audience will agree!

Rachel said, “It’s totally different than anything everyone else has ever seen, and not only do they get to see the two love stories, but they also get to see our friendship, so I’m kind of inside for them.” Excited to be back. On that as well as the love stories, it’s going to be really great.”

Gabby echoed her co-star’s sentiments, explaining that both she and Rachel were unsure this season about what lay ahead on their path towards love.

Gabby explained, “We didn’t really know anything. Going in, we found ourselves in real-time with the rest of America. So a lot of it was trial and error, with Rachel and I working together, ourselves. We were listening, figuring out what was best for both of us. We had a lot of tough discussions and eventually, I think just following our hearts.”

Gabby further explained how she found her personality and was able to separate her experience from that of her co-star. She said, “We started dating the same pool of men, but naturally when you’re working for a life partner, you have to make your own journey.”

Gabby continued, “You need to personally figure out who is best for you because that’s someone you’re going to potentially spend the rest of your life with, and you have to do it yourself. ”

So, Bachelor Nation’s real question for Rachel and Gabby is: What kind of guy are you looking for this season?

Rachel shared, “I’m looking for someone who is supportive, someone loyal, and someone who is ready for commitment.”

For her part, Gabby says she’s looking for a man who has “humor, emotional intelligence, and stability.”

season 19 The Bachelorette Premieres on Monday, July 11 on ABC.

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