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‘The Bachelorette’: Gabby and Rachel Talk Like the Same Guys and a Agreeing Who to Send Home (Exclusive)

Gabby Windy and Rachel Rachia were determined to keep their friendship alive because they dated the same 32 men. ET recently spoke to The Bacheloretteof leading ladies, and they broke down the biggest moment from Monday’s season premiere—when they crushed on the same men when they jointly decided to send three men home before the first rose ceremony.

Co-Bachelorettes, Gabby and Rachel, haven’t hidden anything from each other as they begin their journey as the first season.

“I think we were both so open to getting to know people at the same time,” Rachel said. “…we’ve always had open communication and that’s really what helps us get through everything.”

“We just knew we wanted to be by each other’s side no matter what,” Gabby told ET.

That statement will be put to the test throughout the season, as both Gabby and Rachel develop early relationships with Erich and Logan in the season premiere.

“32 are really good looking people, [so] We are mutually attracted to some people,” admitted Rachel. “Just talking to each other and always listening to the other is what really helps us get over that.”

“I think we’ve always been so open with each other,” agreed Gabby. “There was never a secret. If we were really into someone, we’d say to the other person, ‘That’s what I feel.’ I think overall we supported each other… best we knew how.”

“Ultimately, I think we followed our hearts,” Gabby said. “We started out dating the same pool of men, but naturally, when you’re working for a life partner, you have to have your own journey, just because you have to do it personally. It’s up to you to find out who’s best for you. This is someone you’re likely going to spend the rest of your life with and you’ll have to do it yourself.”

It was also necessary to be open with each other, Gabby said, because she and Rachel knew that, eventually, everything would be televised and out for the world to see.

“Obviously it’s all played back, so you’re not allowed to keep any secrets, plus we wouldn’t want to keep anything from the other person,” Gabby said. “Knowing that you have that level of trust with another person is what makes for such a great friendship.”

Just as they both had an initial attraction to several men, Gabby and Rachel knew immediately that neither of them had three lovers. As such, they sent home twins Joey and Justin Vai, as well as a magician named Robbie, before the first rose ceremony.

“The twins and Robbie, we were able to have a conversation with, so we were unanimous in saying, ‘You know, we think these guys are great, but they’re not what we’re looking for romantically.’ Have to make tough decisions right here and now ’cause it’s going to be tough right now,” Gabby explained, with Rachel saying she didn’t have a “connection” with any of the three men and wanted to “tell them up front.”

After packing up those three men, Gabby and Rachel jointly decide to cancel the first rose ceremony, and move on with the remaining 29 suitors.

“I think it was very important for us to have most people, just because we really realized we didn’t get a chance to talk to the people we wanted to send home,” Rachel said. “…it felt like it was right for us. [Host] Jesse [Palmer] We had our backs and I’m glad we had them. 29. It was certainly a challenge to maintain [guys]But we had to navigate it together, so it worked.”

“We only talked to half of them, so how can you send someone home based on their limo entrance or off looks?” Gabby questioned. “So much personality, and chemistry, and a relationship is intangible, so you really need that time with another person. We’re both really serious about finding a partner that’s good for us. You can do it more How do you understand apart from spending quality time with them?”

As their season gets underway, ladies are eager for viewers to take an inside look at their joint journey to find love.

“I just think there are so many different twists and turns,” Rachel teased about the season. “Obviously, it’s very different from anything everyone else has ever seen. Not only do they get to see the two love stories, but they also get to see our friendship, so I’m excited for them that way.” . . . It’s going to be really great.”

The Bachelorette Airs on Mondays on ABC. Keep up with historical weather with the following ET’s coverage of series.

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