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'The Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Katie Gets Her Happy Ending

'The Bachelorette' Finale Recap: Katie Gets Her Happy Ending

Katie Thurston’s journey for love has come to an finish. On Monday’s season finale of The Bachelorette, Katie stated goodbye to her runner up, earlier than accepting a proposal from her love — all of which ET is breaking down in our recap.

Episode 10 of ABC’s actuality relationship sequence kicked off with Katie nonetheless reeling from her goodbye to Greg Grippo. Justin Glaze’s heartbreaking exit adopted, earlier than Katie and Blake Moynes lastly acquired engaged.

The drama did not cease with the proposal, although, because the After the Remaining Rose particular noticed Katie have a clumsy dialog with Greg, earlier than ending all of it with a romantic reunion with Blake.

Preserve studying for the total recap of the season finale of The Bachelorette.

Katie Processes Greg’s Exit

After followers noticed a dramatic recap of Katie’s complete season, the episode picked up proper the place it left off, with co-host Kaitlyn Bristowe leaving the Bachelorette’s resort room with a hug.

“Greg isn’t somebody I thought would leave like this,” Katie stated by way of tears in a confessional. “I just didn’t see it ending, not today. It just all feels disrupted. The love that I had for him is real, which is why today is so f**king heartbreaking.”

Katie’s heartbreak and confusion over Greg continued from there, because the Bachelorette herself joined Kaitlyn and co-host Tayshia Adams on the After the Remaining Rose set to debate her mindset in that second, one thing that was made worse by single dad Michael A.’s departure, which got here shortly earlier than Greg’s.

“In that moment I was defeated. I just finally recovered with Michael leaving, and then all of the sudden Greg is now leaving,” she stated. “It just has you questioning kind of everything… You really start to question if it’s worth continuing moving forward.”

Katie admitted to blaming herself for Greg’s departure within the second, however not did.

“I am trying everything I can to make him stay. I am literally on my f**king knees begging this man to stay and he tells me it’s not good enough,” she stated. “I never saw that side of him. I was very caught off guard. I was like, ‘Who are you? Do I even know Greg?'”

Greg’s exit made Katie query herself and her price, and even had her contemplating leaving to indicate to chase after him. She stayed, although, and had but to talk to Greg since he walked away from her that fateful day.

“There is part of me that has this anger and sadness,” Katie stated. “It is disappointing to see the way I was spoken when I’m trying to understand, and communicate, and save our relationship. To watch him talk down to me and twice walk away from me, that’s not a man.”

Katie and Blake Say I Love You

Again within the finale episode, Kaitlyn and Tayshia advised Blake and Justin that Greg had left, however that Katie had determined to proceed her journey.

Blake’s in a single day date was up first, and, whereas the pair had fun throwing paint-filled balloons at one another and lounging in a sizzling tub, issues took a severe flip when Katie admitted that she thought-about leaving the present when Greg did.

“That was the first time where I was completely off as to where I thought her head was at,” Blake stated in a confessional. “… I love Katie. I love her a lot, but if Katie’s still hung up on Greg and if she can’t match that, then there’s no point in getting engaged if she’s having doubts going into an engagement.”

Blake was capable of set his doubts apart, although, and categorical his emotions throughout the nighttime portion of his date with Katie, telling her that he knew he was in love after she met his household.

“In that day and that night I felt a lot of love from you. The way that you softly kiss my neck, and the way that we look at each other, and all those little feelings that make it feel real,” he stated. “It was the one part of the night that just solidified things for me. It was when you took off your high heels and we were playing hockey and you scored a point and you were peddling backwards after you scored, your hands were in the air, and you yelled, ‘Go America!'” 

“It was when I remembered that moment that, without thinking about it and without trying to think about it, I just realized, and I said to myself, ‘F**k, I love her,'” he continued. “It’s scary to say because I promised myself that I wouldn’t say to anybody unless I was sure, but I’ve been telling you all along I have been. I love you and I’m f**king really excited about life with you.”

Katie was left “speechless” by Blake’s confession, however determined to interrupt her personal beforehand set rule and say these three particular phrases when a couple of man nonetheless remained.

“As much as I want to be stubborn and, just like you it’s scary and it’s crazy, but I f**king love you so much and I couldn’t be happier that you’re here,” she gushed. “I’m so glad.”

The pair kissed and made their approach to the Fantasy Suite, with Katie feeling as if Blake “completes” her, and Blake contemplating Katie to be his “person.”

The subsequent morning, issues had been simply pretty much as good, and Katie advised Kaitlyn that she felt “clarity” when Blake dropped the L-word.

“It was just, like, the best day of my life. It’s exciting. It’s crazy. It took a lot to get to this point,” Katie stated. “For me, saying I love you to Blake is a huge deal… The fact that I feel that for Blake and I’ve given myself all to him, my heart officially belongs to Blake.”

Katie Says Goodbye to Justin

After her Blake realization, Katie needed to have a tricky dialog along with her runner up. When Justin confirmed up “excited” for his or her date, he as a substitute discovered that Katie’s coronary heart belonged to another person.

“I did have my overnight with Blake and in that I did tell him that I’m falling in love with him. That is something I can only say to one person,” she stated. “You are someone I wanted to explore things with, but given how I now feel about Blake, knowing I am in love with him, it doesn’t make sense to have us go forward on this date. It wouldn’t make sense to have you meet my family. That’s where I’m at.”

Justin questioned if he ought to have opened up in any respect due to the ache he was feeling in that second, however Katie advised him, “When you open up you offer so much,” earlier than apologizing for a way issues turned out.

“I think the world of you,” he stated. “Everything that I’ve said to you is 100% true. I just hope you know how special you are and what you bring to the table. I hope he knows what he has in you and he doesn’t take you for granted.”

The pair parted on good phrases, however Justin was nonetheless devastated by the cut up.

“It’s crazy. We’ve spent a month together, getting to know each other, talking about our families. This morning I’m picturing how great today’s going to be and what our life is gonna look like and that’s it,” he stated. “… It’s hard. It hurts, man. I gave this everything.”

On the After the Remaining Rose stage, Justin stated that the heartbreak “hurts just as much now as it did then,” earlier than noting, “I can’t tell you to follow your heart and make the decision that’s best for you and then be upset when it’s not me, but that doesn’t make it easier.”

When Katie joined him on stage, Justin requested if he remained on the present “by default,” one thing Katie was fast to disclaim by telling him that they did have “a huge connection.”

Issues ended on a constructive notice when Justin thanked Katie for making him a greater particular person, and so they wished one another properly.

Blake Meets Katie’s Household

Together with her goodbye to Justin behind her, Katie was excited to introduce Blake to her mother and aunt. The ladies had been fast to grill Blake on his job and residing state of affairs, earlier than issues actually acquired tense when Blake had a person dialog with Katie’s aunt, who, at one level, stated that Blake was “not important.”

Blake appeared unable to reply Katie’s aunt’s inquiries to her satisfaction, however Katie tried to iron issues out.

“We’re just going to make it work. We don’t know what that means yet… We really aren’t worried,” Katie assured her aunt. “I know these are huge things to figure out, but that’s what we want to do.”

Issues went a bit higher with Katie’s mother, who commented on Katie’s happiness.

“I love your daughter. I appreciate everything that she is,” Blake stated. “I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen in the next few days, but I do know what I have in her. I don’t want to f**k that up.”

Nonetheless, the conversations with Katie’s household left Blake really feel uneasy.

“The intent coming in here was to propose and get engaged, but there’s a difference in talking about it and doing it,” he stated. “… There’s just a lot that I need to take into consideration. I’m just stressed out.”

Blake Questions If He Can Suggest

Because the doubts continued to mount for Blake, he and Katie went on one last date collectively the place they wrote down, learn, and burned all of their fears.

Blake stated he was “scared” of dedication, however that Katie helped to “eliminate” all of that fear. Katie’s fears centered round not being ok, however she felt as if she was “ready to move past” all of that with Blake.

Whereas Katie stated in a confessional that Blake was her “soulmate,” he was nonetheless struggling.

“It just seems like we would be perfect together, but when it comes to big decisions like this, I just want to make sure,” he stated. “What if I’m not ready to propose? It’s just stressful. She’ll be devastated.”

These fears continued to mount as Blake checked out rings with Tayshia. In the meantime, Katie expressed that she had “zero doubts” her last man was going to pop the query.

Because the time for the proposal neared, Katie stated her greatest worry was “walking away alone,” one thing that appeared like a definite chance for Blake, who felt as if he could not breathe on the journey over.

When Katie spilled her coronary heart out, although, Blake wound up doing the identical.

“You are caring, and supportive, and compassionate, and you love me for me and that’s a love I never knew existed,” she stated. “The night you told me you love me changed my life forever… You have made me the happiest woman alive… I love you today, tomorrow, and forever, and I can’t wait for our adventure to begin.”

Blake responded by commenting on the fairytale-like state of affairs, telling her, “Since day one it’s been connection and understanding that seemed too good to be true, but I knew. I knew the moment that I first met you.” 

“I know how great of a wife you’re going to be, mother you’re going to be,” he stated, earlier than scaring everybody together with his subsequent assertion. “… I know that you in the past have talked about how you’ve had to compromise to make things work. I don’t want you to do that, but I can’t give you what you came here for.”

After a very lengthy pause, Blake declared that he could not give Katie every thing she wished as a result of she deserves “a lot more than that.”

“You deserve the world and I’m excited to support you and be there for you every day moving forward,” he stated, earlier than getting down on one knee and asking, “So that being said, Katie Lane Thurston, will you marry me?”

She accepted his proposal and, after celebrating with Kaitlyn and Tayshia, the pair rode off on horses.

Katie Calls Greg a Liar

The long-awaited confrontation with Greg was much more dramatic than audiences anticipated. Greg’s time on the After the Remaining Rose stage started with him reiterating a lot of what he stated throughout his preliminary argument with Katie. As for regrets, Greg stated he had none.

Katie walked proper by him when she joined him on stage, and the uncomfortable ranges solely continued to ramp up from there. Katie claimed that Greg by no means supposed to get engaged, an announcement that he denied.

Katie subsequent bashed Greg for speaking all the way down to her and accused him of happening the present to jumpstart his performing profession, a remark that made Greg chuckle out loud.

“What it really comes down to is the way you treated me. The way that you said you were so in love with me. I filled a hole in your heart,” she stated. “The small second that things got awkward for you, uncomfortable, you ran. You’re a liar. If you think that’s love, you don’t know what love is.”

Accusations of gaslighting adopted, with Katie exclaiming, “You came at me as if I did something so horrible that you had to leave… You could have just been a man and had a normal conversation, instead of being so rude, and dramatic, and leaving without even saying goodbye.”

“I’m sorry for making you feel like that. I wish I could go back then and change how I communicated my feelings,” Greg replied. “In that moment my head was in a million places at once.”

Greg later referred to as Katie out for a way she, in accordance with him, put being the Bachelorette above their relationship. Katie, although, stated she gave Greg validation “week after week after week after week,” and clapped again at him for giving her an ultimatum. He denied doing that, earlier than saying, “Let’s face the facts. If it was me, you would’ve stopped me and I knew that.”

Katie acquired the final phrase, telling Greg, “All I can say is I had three relationships going on. You keep saying I’m playing the role of the Bachelorette, yeah, I am the Bachelorette. There were relationships that were forming.”

“There’s nothing I can do about that except continue to move forward with those,” she stated. “Yeah, I didn’t leave for you. My person was not Greg. When he left, so did everything I felt for him.”

The pair ended issues on a semi-cordial notice, with each of them wishing the opposite properly.

Katie and Blake Are Extra in Love Than Ever

After Greg left the stage, Katie was joined by her fiance and the pair could not assist however gush over one another. Katie praised Blake for his ring choice, and he expressed pleasure over beginning their lives collectively.

That life collectively is information to extra than simply America, as Katie revealed that her household was studying of her engagement because the present aired, as a result of she hadn’t trusted them to maintain a secret.

The couple had no drawback reliving their love story subsequent, and so they each pointed to their Hometown date because the turning level of their relationship. Their love, Katie stated, has solely continued to develop from there.

“Everyday our love continues to grow stronger and stronger,” she stated. “We are not even the same couple you just saw go down on one knee. We are so much more already, and we’re just really excited to start our lives together.”

Blake had a “crazy weird intuition” that this was all within the playing cards from the start, he stated.

“That was just wild how it all kind of spiraled out of control in the best way,” Blake gushed, earlier than Katie praised her man for taking the leap to look on her season.

“It’s actually probably the most romantic thing that someone’s ever done,” she stated. “… Knowing that I could’ve turned him away and he would’ve looked dumb, he took all these risks for me. No one’s ever believed in me like that. For him to just trust in us early on, it just means everything.”

Though he had some doubts by way of the method, Katie stated she was happy that Blake took the time to assume issues by way of earlier than popping the query.

“It just makes it that much more special that he meant it,” she defined, earlier than later including that every one the ups and downs had been “1,000 percent” price it.

“I think everyone can agree that this is exactly who I’m supposed to be with,” she stated. “… I’m just so lucky. I love him so much.” 

Blake could not let the night finish with out yet another shock for Katie telling her, “I just want to say how proud I am of you. The way that you carried yourself was super impressive. When I watch this back, it makes me realize exactly why I came on. You’re everything I thought you were going to be. The way you carry yourself is also really sexy.”

Katie acquired a shock subsequent, as a number of males within the studio viewers stood up with boomboxes and a romantic track started taking part in and the couple stood as much as dance.

Amid their dance and thru their tears, the couple exchanged yet another I like you, as Katie’s journey lastly got here to an finish.

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