‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 6 Recap: Michelle eliminates half of her admirers outside their hometowns

Michelle Young’s decisions don’t get any easier. Episode from Tuesday evening of The Bachelorette saw Michelle send the rumored future Bachelor home, go to her final group date, and make history with her last four men, all of which ET break down in the following summary.

The episode began with the remaining men being visited by four of Michelle’s students. Although Clayton impressed her enough to deserve a one-on-one, Michelle wasn’t as enthusiastic as her fifth years.

At the last group date of the season, Joe was in his element and Martin’s real face surfaced before Brandon met Michelle’s parents in the most uncomfortable way imaginable.

A canceled cocktail party and two heartbreaking goodbyes followed before Michelle got ready to meet the four remaining families of her suitors.

Read on for a full recap of Episode 6 of The Bachelorette.

Clayton Woos Michelle’s fifth year … But not Michelle

The last eight men received unexpected visitors at the beginning of the episode on Tuesday when four of Michelle’s students arrived and announced that they would be taking over the appointments. The fifth years continued to grill the men about marriage, kids, and the PDA they may or may not have shared with Michelle.

Nayte, Olu and Rodney deserved some fans, but one of the kids didn’t really like Martin because he was “trying to show off” and “wearing too much eau de cologne”. It was Clayton who won the most favor, and his fortification skills earned him the first one-on-one meeting of the week.

While the kids were in charge of the night, Clayton and Michelle drove to a museum in a limo full of pizza and candy. When they got to their destination, the two seemed to enjoy playing tag, dancing and having a romantic moment in the planetarium.

Over dinner, Clayton discussed his desire to have a family while Michelle told the cameras that there was “something missing” in her relationship with the orthopedic sales rep. Finally, Michelle Clayton shared that even though he checked “a single box of all the qualities I look for in someone,” she was unwilling to meet his family.

“I am grateful for this opportunity and for meeting you, and I know you will find what you are looking for,” he replied. “I’m sorry it couldn’t be me.”

When Michelle praised Clayton as “a great guy” in a confessional, he was driven away and asked himself, “Where did I go wrong?”

“I am completely vulnerable and that is what happens when I become completely vulnerable,” he said. “I open up to be hurt. I stayed locked up for so long because it takes the right person to make me feel comfortable to open up, and Michelle did go back into that shell to protect me from getting hurt. “

He was later visited by two of Michelle’s students who gave him letters. The first note praised Clayton’s forts and muscles, but the second, which labeled him “super real”, made him cry, something he “hadn’t done in years”.

“I want children one day. I just want so badly to find love and have a family and start this chapter of my life,” he said, sobbing. “I want it more than anything. I’ll do anything to get it.”

Clayton may only have this chance as it is rumored that he will be the next Bachelor.

Martin’s true colors are revealed

The last group meeting of the season took Michelle and six of her suitors to a farm, where they milked cows, bottle-fed calves, stirred butter, cleaned cow droppings, and took a hay-wagon ride. Joe impressed all day, which later made sense when he revealed that his grandparents own and run a dairy farm.

On the late night portion of the date, Nayte told Michelle that he “never felt like” he wanted to bring someone home, but that he “definitely” fell in love with her and wanted to do just that.

“I feel very connected to you,” replied Michelle. “I really fell down a hill and fell in love with you so quickly too.”

Rick and Rodney expressed their desire to get Michelle to their hometowns as well before things turned to Martin. In front of the men, he lamented his last conversation with Michelle, in which he beat women as low-maintenance, and said the Bachelorette had “perceived everything a little wrong”.

He also suggested that her vulnerable poem implied that there was a “trauma” in her life that she still had to “work over”, which he found “immature”. Olu was offended and added Michelle to Martin’s comments. She thanked Olu for his openness before pulling Martin aside to chat.

While speaking with Michelle, Martin denied making the “immature” comment because he kept interrupting Michelle.

“You weren’t honest,” she said. “You didn’t listen to why I hurt. My red flags are high. My walls are high I have to follow the fact that I don’t trust you right now and that’s why I have to walk you out. ”

Martin seemed to take it in front of Michelle, but as soon as he was driven away in the car, he beat up the teacher.

“I’m not upset that I won’t go to my hometowns. I am not upset that I am going home. I’m upset that she didn’t handle that, ”he said. “… She’s making a mistake. She will find out by herself that she made a mistake. At this point I don’t even want to give her a chance. It’s sad. It’s no more. I’m sad for her. One such a woman doesn’t deserve my time. ”

After Martin disappeared and forgotten, Michelle awarded the group date rose to Nayte.

Brandon meets the parents … in a hot tub

Brandon was “thrilled” to get the second one-on-one interview of the week and had a great time getting ice cream and Michelle on their way to their parents’ house. The couple looked at pictures of Michelle as a child and kissed on her cot before handing him one of her father’s swimsuits to wear during a dip in the hot tub.

Their hot kissing session was cut short when Michelle’s parents got home early, but after some initial awkwardness, Brandon seemed to impress the two people who know Michelle best. He even asked to speak to the Duo sans Michelle and received her blessing to propose to the teacher.

As the couple went on the late night portion of their date, Michelle told the cameras that the date had been “one of the special days” so far and said she could see Brandon “fit in with the Young family.”

After meeting her family, Brandon expressed excitement that Michelle could meet his parents and brother, but was saddened that he couldn’t introduce her to his late grandfather. Emotions rose when Brandon gave Michelle a bracelet that his mother had given him earlier The Bachelorette, and instructed him to give to the girl he believes is the right one.

“I’m falling in love with you,” Brandon said to Michelle. “I know it was so quick, but I’m not going to leave here today without telling you my true feelings.”

When she offered Brandon the rose, she said, “I can see that you are my best friend” before admitting in a confessional, “There is a very good chance I could fall in love with Brandon.”

Here come hometowns

After the week of dating, Michelle had made her decision on the four men she wanted to go on with and canceled the cocktail party. She gave Joe and Rodney their last two roses and sent Rick and Olu home with them. The former complained about the “painful” exit, the latter was “shocked” by Michelle’s decision.

Joe, Rodney, Brandon and Nayte, the first Final Four in franchise history to be People of Color, pull out all the stops in the preview of next week’s Hometown episode.

One of Rodney’s family members says, “I think I’ve never seen you so happy,” while Brandon wants to show Michelle “a whole other side of me,” Joe invites her to prom, and Nayte promises, “I’m crazy about you. “

It won’t just be rainbows and butterflies, however, as one family member admits, “It brings tears to my eyes that my heart might be broken,” and an emotional Nayte says, “It has developed into this whole family dynamic.”

Elsewhere, Michelle sees “a red flag” when a family member tells Michelle that one of her suitors is unwilling to get engaged. The emotions of it all lead Michelle to admit, “I’m sick.”

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