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‘The Bachelorette’ episode 4 recap: Gabby flourishes in France Rachel’s despair continues

This week has been full of ups and downs The Bachelorette, While Rachel Racchia and Gabby Windy both started off well with good dates in Paris, things haven’t gone so well for Rachel as the week continued, all of which ET is breaking down in the recap below.

A rainy, romantic date in Paris brings love for both women to the surface, but Gabby’s group date spells trouble for Rachel.

Though one man was turning things around for the pilot, the lies of the other compounded his insecurities. Even as Rachel overcame that pain, another of her teammates made a decision that would surely devastate her in the weeks to come.

Keep reading for the recap of ET’s episode 4 The Bachelorette,

Rachel and Gabby Swoon in Paris

Tino and Jason were lucky men who anticipated an early flight to Paris for dates with Rachel and Gabby, respectively. As the other men settle on the Virgin Voyage Valiant Lady for their European adventure, Tino and Rachel make crepes and kiss in the rain, while Gabby and Jason try on berets and ride a carousel.

When the two reunited, Rachel said she felt “excited again” about the process, while Gabby joked about being “in love” with Jason already.

In part of their date nights, Rachel opened up about how her latest ex wasn’t supporting her career, and Tino assured her that he would never behave this way.

“Your passion for your career, it illuminates me from inside,” he told her, before confirming that he would help her handle things at home if her career took her away. “I can’t promise you that it will always be easy, but I see it completely possible.”

His outspokenness prompted Rachel to reveal, “I really like you, and it scares me because it’s really early.” Tino assuaged his fears by telling her, “I wouldn’t have accepted a rose from you if I wasn’t willing to go to war for it or see that potential.”

“I really wish I was there to find this girl and make her happy forever. Falling in love with Rachel is coming faster than I imagined,” Tino said in a confession, before That Rachel admitted to herself, “I had high hopes for our date, but all my hopes were exceeded. She’s so amazing. I think I’ll definitely fall in love with Tino.”

Meanwhile, on Gabby and Jason’s date night, the investment banker reveals that they had a “breakdown” after arriving at the mansion, something he said stemmed from never realizing that he was there as a child. was “good enough”. While Jason may be slow to open up to those fears, he shared that therapy has helped him “speak up for what I want.”

Gabby further explained how therapy has helped her mother deal with her estrangement, saying, “I love her so much, but she can’t be in my life. She has the tools to love me back.” are not.”

“I see a lot of myself in Jason, a lot of things I didn’t know I’d ever see in anyone else. It was just what I needed to keep moving forward,” she said in a tearful confession. “I never thought I’d be able or worthy to find someone, and now it’s right in front of my face. It’s such a beautiful moment. I never thought this day would come. I can’t believe that.” I’m very lucky.”

Rachel feels ‘nothing’ about her on Gabby’s group date

Gabby’s men learned the art of French boxing during their group date, but what happened inside the ring was a blip on the radar, what happened outside it. Rachel and her men make up the audience as Gabby’s people boxed in, but the pilot quickly becomes distraught when none of her teammates attempt to talk to her.

“Nobody cares. It just became clear today that I have no idea where anyone is,” cried Rachel in a confessional statement. “… I’m having too many of these moments. How much more can I take? Nobody cares. I’m done.”

As Gabby awarded Spencer a win in the ring, a solo dinner and, eventually, a rose, Rachel was overcome by the apparent indifference of her men.

“My people were completely ignoring me. They were in their own world, with their friends. After that last rose ceremony, it was really hard, because I really feel like there’s no one here for me ,” she said, pointing to when the three men rejected her rose. “At this point, I want to feel chosen. I’m not here to beg these people like they want me to. I’m just feeling this way… I don’t know how to love When I’m having most of my bad days. I don’t feel like I deserve to be a Bachelorette.”

Rachel decided to contact her men about her feelings and entered their quarters with tears, telling them that they made her “feel hurt and overlooked.”

“I want you guys to be here for me, and I didn’t feel that way at all tonight. I feel like I was trying so hard to make eye contact with someone, and nobody’s looking at me.” No one has come,” she said tearfully. “Every single moment that you get, we don’t get that much, so every single moment you get to have just a little bit means a lot to me tonight.”

The men were shocked at her performance, which hurt Rachel even more. “I hate going to the point of wanting to quit every single day,” she said in a confession.

Tyler stands by on Rachel’s group date

Rachel’s group date brought new hope to the pilot, as people tried to prove their worth to her. Under the direction of romance experts, Rachel’s boyfriend tries to flirt with her, French kiss his fist, offer her armpits to smell Rachel, and read her love letters.

Tyler’s letter, a poem he wrote before he learned of the assignment, won him a solo dinner and a solo dinner with Rachel. During their romantic meal, Tyler reveals that he had bought a house for his ex, but he ended things “out of nowhere”.

He said, “The pain I went through hurt like hell. But loving that unconditional love I was able to feel was the best feeling in the world and I want to give it to the right person. ” “…the feeling is 10 times better than the pain, and it’s worth every second.”

Rachel is amazed by his approach, which is very similar to his own. The joy continued when Tyler shared how that would support her career, and told her, “When you walk into a room, you’re the only person I see.”

After giving Tyler the rose, in a confession, Rachel said, “She really made me realize it was working for me.”

Hayden’s Dying Dog Doesn’t Save Him From Elimination

Rachel’s height was fleeting, as it was completely destroyed during a cocktail party thanks to Hayden. Last week, the leisure executive told Gabby she was “rough around the edges.” He didn’t hold back this week, instead doubling down and claiming that Gabby used the phrase to describe himself.

“I hope Gabby is a little more mature than that. I don’t think I’ve said anything wrong to be honest with you. I’m not dumb** who uses the same terminology that Gabby uses to describe herself.” And he f**king didn’t like it,” he said earlier in this week’s episode. “Well, b**ch, maybe you shouldn’t be using that f**king word to describe yourself.”

Hayden told several men that he doesn’t want to “settle down,” adding that neither Gabby nor Rachel “holds a candle to their ex.”

During the cocktail party, Hayden talks to Rachel about how her dog, Rambo, who only has a few months to live, told her, “If my intentions don’t try to advance our relationship, Wouldn’t have happened here.”

Rachel was sympathetic throughout the encounter, but it meant nothing to Hayden when Tino swooped in and stole Rachel. He told the cameras, “What I expected from Rachel is to give me a minute, let me finish this conversation. Don’t get up as soon as she sat down.”

As Hayden complained to People about Rachel’s reaction to her story, Meatballs had had enough and brought a few things to The Bachelorette’s attention. Meatballs told Rachel that Hayden had made “obscene comparisons” about her and her ex’s breasts, that she and Gabby were “overreacting” to her “rough around the edges” comments, and The comment was “I don’t trust these b**ches.”

Rachel quickly caught hold of Hayden, who thought he was about to apologize for how he cut short their conversation. However, he was woefully wrong, and instead suffered from his previous comments, all of which he declined to say.

“I really feel like I gave you a chance in LA, I’m giving you a chance to own it now. I really feel like this is the end of my rope,” she said, letting her know. boat before.

As Rachel told the cameras she was ready to “Hayden to the f**k out”, Hayden similarly confessed… though for a different reason entirely.

He said in a confession, “I really wanted this to work, but I want Rambo more. I just know for a fact that no one has as much love for Rambo as Rambo has.” Is.” “I am blessed to have Rambo, who loves me unconditionally. Rachel, I hope you find someone who will treat you the way Rambo treats me.”

Meanwhile, Rachel questions, “Can we have a day where no one acts like the f**king d**k?”

Logan calls himself ‘The Bad Guy’

Hayden’s actions cut the cocktail party short, leaving Logan feeling “quite disappointed” as he planned to talk to Gabby about wanting to skip Rachel’s visit and join her.

“Every time I’m in the same room as Gabby and Rachel, I feel my feelings for Gabby,” Logan told host Jesse Palmer in the first episode. “…I like to know [Rachel], but I don’t see how I can proceed without lifting it somehow. I dread the thought that I might be someone who can add to the laundry list of disappointments.”

During the rose ceremony, Gabby hands out roses to Nate, Erich, Johnny, Michael and Mario without incident. Meanwhile, Rachel gives roses to Aven, Meatballs, Zach, Ethan, and Logan. The last man accepts Rachel’s rose, despite realizing that he cannot continue to date Rachel.

“I feel like the bad guy. I feel selfish,” Logan told the cameras after accepting Rachel’s rose. “But I’d be a fool not to accept Rose. That means I have to talk to Gabby. There’s still hope. There’s still time. I’ll put it out there.”

The Bachelorette Airs on Mondays on ABC. Keep up with historical weather with the following ET’s coverage of series.

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