'The Bachelorette': Andrew S. reveals if he's still open to a relationship with Katie (exclusive)

Andrew Spencer leaves the door open for a possible romance with Katie Thurston. On Monday night’s episode of High school, Katie sent the professional soccer player home in a heartbreaking fashion.

ET spoke to Andrew on the taping of the upcoming Men Tell All special, and he confessed that while the breakup is “still a bit raw,” he’s not completely ruling out the possibility of trying a relationship with Katie again if he does come back. go out to be single.

“The way we left, it was like a lot of questions in the air. There was a lot of love there,” he said. “… I’ve seen the show and it’s a bit difficult [to watch]. On this day, at this moment, I think we have to talk. If anything, I’d love to sit down and talk to her one day, hang out and see where her head is. “

After Katie decided not to award Andrew a rose during Monday’s ceremony, instead selecting Justin, Michael A., Greg and Blake as her last four, the couple shared a tearful goodbye, where the bachelorette party praised to the professional soccer player, but admitted to having stronger feelings for the remaining men.

However, after their devastating conversation, Katie told a producer that she wasn’t sure she did the right thing. Those feelings lasted until the next morning, when Andrew appeared on Katie’s doorstep in an effort to end things on a positive, rather than tearful, note.

The couple said their goodbyes again after that, but their breakup saga continued when Andrew offered Katie a note as she walked out the door. After Andrew left, Katie took the note, which read, “If you change your mind … I’ll be waiting,” and immediately ran down the hallways and stairs to catch up with him.

“Obviously, the first breakup was difficult and then going back and doing that, that was also very difficult. I just let him know like, ‘Hey, I don’t want to do this. Single process more. So if you want to continue this outside of that, I would definitely be open to it, ‘”Andrew told ET.” That’s what I meant when I wrote that on the card. “

After a hug and even more tears, Katie asked Andrew if he would be interested in staying, an offer he declined.

“For a good couple of weeks, I debated whether or not I had made the right decision. But in the end, it all came down to [the fact that] She already told me she had stronger connections with the other guys, “Andrew said.” For me to take a leap back knowing that I am already behind, it was something that I did not want to put my heart through again. “

Despite his heartbreak, Andrew, who became a fan favorite for his fake British accent, told ET that he has no regrets about his time with Katie, and was even excited about his relationship with the marketing manager of the Bank.

“We were completely ourselves the entire time. We were so comfortable with being authentic ourselves. I think I understood the real Katie. We talked about real conversations every time we met. We just grew from there,” he said. . “Maybe the British accent would have worked a bit more if it had continued like this, but I’m not mad at how our relationship went.”

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