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‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2 Recap: Clayton Asks for a Rose after a shocking claim

'The Bachelor' Episode 2 Recap: Clayton Asks for a Rose after a shocking claim

The wives of Clayton Echard are already bringing the drama. In the Monday sequence of The bachelor, the women got involved in internal battles and pushed Clayton to his limits, which breaks down ET in the summary below.

It all started well when the women were allowed to throw a kids birthday party with the help of a Disney Channel star, but one woman decided to give up her duties and make out with Clayton instead. While a sweet one-on-one brought the drama level down, it was brought up again at the second group date of the season.

Two conflicts were at the center of the cocktail party and a reveal led Clayton to want to take back a rose.

Read on for a full recap of Episode 2 of The bachelor.

Cassidy says ‘F ** ka Dollhouse’

Teddi, Eency, Melina, Gabby, Kira, Mara, Sierra, Genevieve, Serene, and Cassidy all ended up on the first group date and had mixed reactions when they showed up at a house full of kids. Cassidy’s anger with the children disappeared when Hilary Duff was revealed as a special guest. Despite Cassidy’s massive fangirling about the Disney star, she wasn’t on board when she learned they should be hosting a birthday party.

“I don’t care if Hilary Duff is disappointed with my dollhouse skills or the girls are a little upset,” Cassidy said in a confession. “After all, I’m here to go out with Clayton. I’m not here to build a dollhouse. I am here to build a relationship.

Instead of helping the group, Cassidy dragged Clayton to a poolside smooch and told him he had to “pull” her out of the competition in order for her to leave. Cassidy wrinkled even more feathers when she said to some of the children, “I spend as little time as possible with you little people.” Then she dropped the birthday cake that Genevieve had decorated. As much as that bothered the women, Cassidy was indifferent.

“I feel great. That was a great day. I had to talk to Hilary Duff in Beverly Hills and I had to make out with Clayton. she exclaimed before calling herself a “pioneer”.

During the nightly date, Clayton hailed Serene as “special,” soothed Teddi, and shared a sweet moment with Gabby while Cassidy continued to create drama. Kira, Genevieve, and Mara all called Cassidy about their group date behavior, but she didn’t apologize, telling them, “I’m not going to apologize for not having enough streamers hanging.”

“I’m threatening you, and you should … Keep playing, sluts,” Cassidy said in a confessional before being awarded the group date. “Who’s laughing now?”

Susie’s feelings pick up speed

Susie got the first one-on-one interview of the season and was invited to a helicopter flight with her bachelor’s degree. Susie wondered about doing “the coolest thing” ever while Clayton passed out and told the cameras, “I feel Susie. She just brings me this energy that I haven’t felt in a long time. She seems so sincere too be. so humble. I love that. “

The couple’s helicopter landed on a yacht, and Susie and Clayton enjoyed a soak in a hot tub while expressing their mutual feelings.

During the nighttime part of the date, Susie talked about her father’s health problems over the past year and how her parents’ long-term relationship has affected her. Clayton praised the wedding videographer for her view before he took her to a private Amanda Jordan concert and presented her with the rose.

“I could just imagine falling in love with him,” admitted Susie in a confessional.

Shanae targets Elizabeth

On the second group date, comedian Ziwe was on the hunt for red flags with Marlena, Elizabeth, Kate, Sarah, Lyndsey, Rachel, Tessa and Shanae.

Elizabeth sat next to Clayton for a game of Never Have I Ever and flirted with him all the time, which Shanae found “kind of pathetic”. Shanae took her anger off during a red flag obstacle course when she pushed Elizabeth to the ground. It wasn’t enough to be crowned winner, however, as Sarah deserved that honor.

Elizabeth only annoyed Shanae even more when she was the first to pull Clayton during the afterparty. After Clayton had good conversations with Sarah, Marlena, and Rachel, Shanae decided to beat up Elizabeth while she was on her bachelor’s degree.

Shanae claimed there were “red flags” on Elizabeth because she ignored her during a conversation and called them “two faces”. Clayton was “stunned” by the allegations and quickly pulled Elizabeth to him. While Shanae denied saying anything about Elizabeth to the women, she said in a confessional, “We’re in a competition. I want to win. What did you think i would do Just let you go ahead and be me in front of you Uh, no. ”

Elizabeth told Clayton that she “never abused” Shanae and showed her “absolute kindness” before revealing that Shanae pushed her during the date.

After her conversation with Clayton, Elizabeth grabbed Shanae and said her struggle with ADHD could be why she apparently ignored her. Shanae accepted this answer but continued to tearfully repeat her complaints with Elizabeth. When Elizabeth got Shanae to urge her, Shanae had no answer.

The two women kept turning in circles, even after their first conversation and Clayton’s decision to offer Sarah the rose.

The end of the date did not signal the end of the drama. After Clayton had good cocktail party conversations with Eliza, Gabby, and others, Elizabeth and Shanae did it all over again. This time around, Shanae chose to mock Elizabeth’s ADHD, which led the other women to turn to Team Elizabeth.

“I never want to upset her again because I feel terrible. She has ADHD, ”Shanae said in a confessional before bursting out laughing.

Amid it all, the drama started again with Cassidy when Sierra Clayton announced that Cassidy has an “af ** k dude” at home who she was FaceTiming with shortly before the show and with whom she made post-show plans had.

Clayton felt “quite a shock” at hearing the rumor, and it led him to snatch host Jesse Palmer to ask him a question, “Has anyone taken a rose before?”

Shanae vs. Elizabeth: Round 2

Things will pick up exactly where they left off in two weeks, when The bachelor returns January 24th. While the women are furious with Cassidy, she asks, “What is he going to do? I got goddamn Rose.”

Sarah and Eliza seem to establish their connections with Clayton in the next episode, while the drama with Shanae and Elizabeth continues to rage.

“You’re wrong. You have two faces. I’m done. Talk to yourself about it,” Shanae yells at Elizabeth before telling Clayton that Elizabeth “has it all for me.”

Elizabeth may reach her inner conflict when, during a conversation, she sobs and admits, “I don’t feel like I can really talk to you because I’m only being interviewed.”

Shanae, meanwhile, is dancing around in a confessional with her middle fingers raised. “F ** k Elizabeth,” she explains.

Clayton Echards season of The bachelor is broadcast on Mondays on ABC. ET has you with all of ours throughout their season Bachelor Contents.


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