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‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ alum Tia Booth is pregnant with first child

Tia Booth is going to be a mother! bachelor And bachelor in heaven The alum shared on Instagram that she is expecting her first child with fiancé Taylor Mock. While the moment is a joyous one for Booth, it comes as the reality TV star is mourning the loss of her father, who died in February.

“This has undoubtedly been my most challenging season so far. I have never felt so much sadness and pure joy at the same time. It has been hard to be grateful for a good such as one of the most important people in my life.” Missing festivities. While I wish I could personally tell my dad all the good news, it gives me peace that he knew about it much earlier than me,” Booth wrote. “Welcoming a new little life while mourning the loss of another proved that higher feelings can exist together, and I have no doubt that my Father had a hand in it. Heavenly Father to that first person.” Happy the day I fell in love with ever and soon – a forever Father’s Day to me.”

Bachelor Nation was quick to congratulate Booth, with Becca Tilly writing, “Ahhhhh congratulations!!!! ,” while Anna Redmayne commented, “Congratulations! So happy for you all” and bachelor And beep The alum, Jasmine Good, wrote, “Congratulations babe!!! So happy for you!! I know your dad is so proud of you.”

Booth and her fiancé got engaged after the mock, questioned during a Bachelor Live On Stage Show in Atlanta, Georgia in April.

Booth was on stage when Mock appeared and got down on one knee, causing the reality star to announce, “Are you kidding me?!”

Booth was clearly shocked, momentarily turning away from Mock and placing his hand on his chest, before turning to his boyfriend, hugging him and accepting his offer.

Booth shared a video of the moment on Instagram, along with a smiling selfie that showed his fiancé and his engagement ring.

Never been more surprised or certain in my life” Tia captioned her post.

Booth first appeared on the season of Ari Luendik Jr. the Bachelor in 2018. he next time. starred in season 5 of bachelor in heavenWhere she and Colton Underwood, who had previously DMed each other, dated briefly.

Booth dated Corey Cooper, but the pair announced that they would call it quits in 2019. After their split, Tia went back to the beach for Season 7, although she moved to Mexico alone.

In October, Booth made his relationship with Mock Instagram official. Together with a lovely video of their time together, Booth wrote“Not gonna lie — it’s been good for me, but it’s about time you know too.”

As for the mocks, in one of his October posts, he drifted“It’s hard to put into words how you really feel about someone you love. I guess I’ll keep it as simple as I feel more alive than ever being with you did not do.”

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