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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

‘The Bachelor’ Alum Bekah Martinez Is Engaged to Grayston Leonard — See the Heart-Shaped Ring!

Becca Martinez is going to be the bride!

Bachelorette The alum revealed that she is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Grayston Leonard. The former reality star shared the news in an Instagram post uploaded on Sunday. “Yeah,” she captioned her photos with Leonard. For curious fans, he gave followers a closer look at the heart-shaped ring proposed by Leonard.

“FINALLY STOP CALLING THIS MAN MY BOYFRIEND!!!!!” Also in love with my ring, it’s prettier than I could imagine and I love knowing that all @brilliantearth diamonds are permanent and are ethically sourced and they give back to mining communities, and social justice + environmental organizations.”

The 27-year-old former reality star also shared pictures of herself with her two excited kids, 3-year-old daughter Ruth and 2-year-old son Frank. In a TikTok video from June, Martinez revealed that Leonard first proposed two weeks after giving birth to their daughter, whom she became pregnant three months after they started dating.

“I was like, ‘This is so cute, but now isn’t the time. I’m still super hormonal… I’m in the thick of postpartum’ and also our relationship was still not in the best place,” she explained. Of. “We had so much to resolve, we had so many things to do and I didn’t even want the engagement and marriage to happen just because we had a child. I wanted it to be something special that was a commitment.” That we both felt we wanted to make up for each other – nothing to do with our kids.”

After welcoming their second child and going into couples therapy, “now,” Martinez said, “I feel ready to say yes.”

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