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The Award of Honor went to the eternal Carmen Moura

The Award of Honor went to the eternal Carmen Moura

Madrid vibrates as the epicenter of the best Ibero-American cinema and series these days. It is the host city of the 2022 Platinum Awards and one of Spain’s biggest stars will take home the Platinum of Honor at the ceremony this Sunday (for the US, 8 p.m.). the prize is for eternity carmen moura,

She is a standard bearer of the Hispanic audiovisual industry and a European actress who Decades ago he stole Argentina’s heartwhere he also worked.

The announcement, at the Intercontinental Hotel and with Nayak in attendance, was the prelude to the great Platinum Feast, which will take place on its red carpet. Javier Bardem Till then Chinese Darin.

One of her peaks was in her partnership with Pedro Almodovar, in "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" (1988).

One of her peaks was in her partnership with Pedro Almodovar, in “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” (1988).

Mercedes Morano was first in lineThe . Nominated for Best Performance by a Female in a Series for her role in Empire, By his side, the producers of that cop political thriller, the author Claudia Pinero,

Carmen Moura, who is 76, didn’t need a sweet introduction from awards executives. Before taking the stand, a video of less than a minute was shown A huge race. No stain in acting or personally.

,I’ve been impressed by what I’ve done, This award is special. I’ve done a lot of work in Latin America and half the people don’t even know“, begins the actress. She refers to a very visible reality in this environment: “Not all films made in Ibero-America reach all countries. Not because they are bad. I make copies for my friends to see.”

He also shone in "La Comunidad" (2000) by the brilliant Alex de la Iglesia.

He also shone in “La Comunidad” (2000) by the brilliant Alex de la Iglesia.

There he argued that Platforms like Netflix work to improve distribution in all latitudes,

Always with the typical humor of a dramatic comedy diva, Maura broke the press conference ice with a joke: “The Camera Is Special, ‘It Turns Me On'”, She also admitted that being a television host, an experience that lasted only a year, was the biggest challenge in her career. “I was the only one who had a script and could improvise the rest (because of the guests).”

You Can’t Continue Talking About This Star Without Mentioning Who It Is He attracted all the attention and respect of another great: Pedro Almodovar.

Maura was born in 1945 in Madrid. He received his degree in French Letters and studied Philosophy and Literature at the National Superior School of Fine Arts in Paris., Shortly thereafter, he began acting at the Teatro Espaol Universitario in the late 1970s, devoting himself entirely to acting.

In his debut, he would collaborate with great names of the time in Spain, such as Antonio Mercero, Manuel Mur OT, Pilar Miró and Carlos Sauras,

First Almodovar Girl

This the first time. was with FUCK… FUCK… FUCK ME TIM! and then with Pepi, Lucy, Bomo and the other girls of the lot When the name of Carmen Moura was added to the name of Almodovar, whose director was She became the first “Almodovar Girl”.

“We did each other a lot of good. I met him while doing theatre, He was not a good actor, but he was the best and the person I identified with the most. We became super friends. He told me stories and I told him ‘Now tell me a story I don’t know what’. And he did it,” he said.

With her beloved Pedro Almodovar, posing with Penelope Cruz at Cannes.  ap photo

With her beloved Pedro Almodovar, posing with Penelope Cruz at Cannes. ap photo

The first drawback of both was with the Super 8 camera, the first that directors could afford. “Then he gave me a huge gift what have I done to Deserve This? He was phenomenal. They did it against the opinion of everyone who said they would not believe me. I didn’t talk much with Pedro, I read the script and I already knew how I wanted him to interpret it”, he elaborated.

At one point the relationship was torn apart professionally, not emotionally, and It took 20 years to work together again, But the time between these artists was not lost.

Maura Starred in the darkness, bullfighter, law of will You Women on the verge of a nervous attackA film that earned Almodovar her first Oscar nomination and with which the actress won the goya award and Felix of the European Film Awards.

The nineties were at their peak worldwide. Hey Carmella!by Carlos Saura, was a huge success at the time that also earned him the Goya and Felix Awards. Nameless queen, how to be shadow or sad in a battle and enjoy it, This great has other titles.

He also shared a cast with Juliette Binoche in André Tekine’s Alice and Martin. One of his first forays into Ibero-American cinema was the Mexican film. comet or chile enthusiasm,

In the 2000s, shine in moura Communityby Alex de la Iglesia, which earned him his third Goya and Silver Shell at the San Sebastian Festival.

Already permanently established on the global stage, she starred in French agreeable silenceIn which he worked with Gerard Depardieu of Argentina valentine’s dreamIsrael free Zone With a young Natalie Portman or american tetraby Francis Ford Coppola,

In 2006, after nearly two decades, he returned to work with Almodovar. return, In which he shared a cast with Penélope Cruz, Chus Lamprew, Lola Dueas and Blanca Portillo (star of Maxbell, nominated for Best Picture at the Platinum Awards).

The actress and director reunited with the filmmaker from La Mancha to the Oscars, while her female cast, including Maura, won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Festival and the fourth Goya for actress.

At this press conference she said that “a guardian angel” told her “Carmen, if you want to be an actress, do it” for a boy at the age of 25. And he did. he concluded that In her career, being an actress has “been a gift”., “With all luck”, “All positive”. And when she hears people talking about her (so well), she thinks “they’re talking about someone else”.

He likes theatre, it pleases him, “I reconciled myself with theatre,” he assured. But the crowd surrounded him. “I lost 3 kg”That said, because of the pressure of being on those boards.

wrong decisions with men

,I have made bad decisions in my personal life, especially with men. But in professional life, I did not take important decisions for my career. Whatever I did, I did it without thinking. As an actress, I have not taken any decision. They have come to me alone. It’s a matter of luck.”

In recent years, he has stood out in the Brazilian film VeniceAustralian chasing wondersAmerican Miniseries judge sirStarring Bryan Cranston, and Mexican Production Somebody has to die. And the premiere of this for 2022 rainbowA new film by Paco Leone, and the Argentine series Limbo… until I decideBy Mariano Kohn and Gaston Duprat.

The actress will formally receive the award at the ceremony from Mexican Diego Luna, who received it at the final ceremony. In previous editions, artists such as Raphael (2019), adriana barraza (2018), Edward James OlmosS (2017), Ricardo Darin (2016), Antonio Banderas (2015) and Sonia Braga (2014).

Audience Platinum Awards

Mercedes Moran awarded for Best Female Performance in the Series Empire, The Argentine actress said, “This is the first time the public is recognizing me in this way. In short, everything we do is for them. People like such characters.”

Mercedes Moran was chosen by the public as Best Actress for her performance in the series El Reino.

Mercedes Moran was chosen by the public as Best Actress for her performance in the series El Reino.

Went to Best Male Performance in a Series Darin Sugar, “I want to thank the followers of El Reno, who were obviously present at the vote,” he said in a video. Darin was fascinated by his interpretation of Julio Clemens.

The public chose Argentina as the best series Empire, “They were a series of fateful events from the very first moment with Marcelo Pinero (co-writer). I want to emphasize that the team has a lot of female technicians on the set. And the actors and actresses did a lot of what wrote was compared to that. People don’t just talk about the performance, they talk about the issues that have been touched upon in the series,” Highlights of Claudia Pinero,

He noted the fact that history has stirred debate about the relationship between politics and the church, the mistreatment of boys and girls who remain silent in the region, and “overwhelming authority, especially for women.”

Best Female Performance in Cinema, According to the Public, Gaya penelope cruz, Gaya for Best Male Performance in a Film Javier BardemFor nice pattern, From a video the actor said, “It is very exciting to receive an award given by the public.”

Chosen by the public as the best film parallel moms, Almodovar apologized for his absence and recorded a message.

“Obviously, there’s a main theme in the film that happened a lot in Latin America: mass graves. They’ve thanked me in Chile, in Argentina.” He also thanked an NGO of volunteers who participated in the excavation and an anthropologist who guided him through the film.


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