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The Attaché, the Israeli series about a man in crisis, told in the first person

The Attaché, the Israeli series about a man in crisis, told in the first person

The best thing about this fiction is that it becomes difficult to stick a label on it. Is it a romantic drama? Is it a political drama? Is it a family series? Is it a biopic? If I had a measuring jug of narrative components, the recipe of The Attaché it would carry 200 grams of each and 200 more of various subjects.

Premiered in Israel, your home country, in 2019, is now available in Argentina through the platform Starzplay. Although it comes to swell the list of good stories that emerged in that rising television market, does not have large points of contact with Shtisel or Fauda in sight, two that settled on word of mouth. Yes there is an atmosphere that brings them closer.

What makes it different from the Israeli package offered by pandemic streaming is that it is created, scripted, directed and starred by the same person, the artist. Eli Ben-David, about their own experiences. He, he said, had to leave Tel Aviv to settle in France.

Annabelle And Avshalom, A Good Marriage That Ends In Check.

Annabelle and Avshalom, a good marriage that ends in check.

And here, his fictional alter ego, the charismatic AvshalomHe goes the same way, bound for Paris, in the footsteps of his wife. He doesn’t want to leave. She wants. And then it goes.

Y, in that want, accompanies her in her supposed job promotion, since she is sent to the French capital as an attaché to the Israeli Embassy. In the first of the 10 episodes, the map of this story is drawn with various backdrops.

-Annabelle: Would you live a year in Paris for me?

-Avshalom: I’d make a ladder to the moon, for you.

After that implacable declaration of love, she travels first to Paris, where her parents live and where our protagonist once also left, and then he does, leaving behind his land, his marching band, many of his dreams. Pushed by the weight of the promise to be kept.

Y what Avshalom understands as a stairway to the Moon translates into resisting in a foreign land, who receives him in the middle of a terrorist attack, with the Police suspecting him, with a language that becomes impenetrable, with a culture clash that spreads sparks, with a string of crises that end up making their loyalty a problem that begins to arise.

The series, which is not a documentary about the actor’s life, is a puzzle of his feelings as an immigrant. As he usually says in the interviews he gives about The Attaché, “I speak of what I felt.”

The City Of Light Illuminates Avshalom'S Tale Far From Home.

The city of light illuminates Avshalom’s tale far from home.

Thus, the plot is dividing the different fronts with which Avshalom deals daily in his Parisian residence, missing the music, his habits, his rituals and trying not to let any of his frustrations reach Uri, the son he has with Annabelle (Heloise godet).

Little by little, the lights of Paris are fading the central character, while a marital rift is forming, and while, also, identity and good customs begin to carve as topics in the story.

Although the chapters are short -around half an hour-, the total duration of the series ends up playing against it, since in the last three Avshalom’s frustration becomes monothematic and the intensity of the story loses color.

It is difficult, on the end, to find the magic that was in some links, there is almost no room for surprise, but, in the general balance, The Attaché is on the side of the series that deserve to be seen.


Protagonists: Eli Ben-David and Héloise Godet Creation and script: Eli Ben-David Issue: Ten episodes, available on Starzplay.