Home Entertainment The ashes of Carmen Salinas are deposited in the Spanish pantheon

The ashes of Carmen Salinas are deposited in the Spanish pantheon

Cenizas de Carmen Salinas

MEXICO CITY.— The Ashes of Carmen Salinas you are deposited in the family vault, Lozano Viramontes, in the Spanish pantheon from Mexico City, where the rest of his son rests, Pedro Plascencia.

“Carmelita, thank God she was helped spiritually, we went to give her the anointing of the sick, absolution is also given because her soul is present there, as long as the person lives, she can still receive the holy sacraments, she the sacraments received “, said the father during the mass before the deposit of the ashes of the actress, who will rest forever next to his son ‘Pedrito’.

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Where was the ashes of Carmen Salinas?

Days before your transfer to the family vault, Carmen’s ashes rested in her house But now you are in the same place as your son.

Through a Youtube streaming, the family shared the ceremony attended by a small group of participants. In the comments on the program, however, the supporters of the former politician Carmen wished eternal rest and an early resignation to her family.

Remember it Carmen Salinas died on December 9thafter being in a coma from a cerebral haemorrhage since November 11th.

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