Home Entertainment the Argentine dancer who made dance a medicine that the world adopted

the Argentine dancer who made dance a medicine that the world adopted

the Argentine dancer who made dance a medicine that the world adopted

The dancer María Fux turns 100 this Sunday, January 2 and she will be honored, at 11, with an improvised collective dance in the open air at the door of her studio, located on Avenida Callao 289, in this city.

“Really? I’m 87 already? Since I was 50 years old, they ask me: how? Why am I still? At 60, at 70, at 80, they have asked me. Why not? Is there a law that says that after 80 you have to sit in a chair to watch television?“Maria wondered 13 years ago, in an interview published by Clarín.

The answer to your question always received a resounding “no” from you, then, before and always. Sitting in the reception of her study and after proudly showing the room for classes, seven years later she said that the important thing is to move and express yourself. “It is not that you have to dance on stage. It is looking for the internal rhythm, that which is born from within. That is part of people’s lives.”

María Fux Developed Her Own Dance Therapy Method, Through Integration Classes.  Photo Dance Therapy

María Fux developed her own dance therapy method, through integration classes. Photo Dance Therapy

The original passion

And that has always been part of his own life. Since those summer afternoons at the end of the 1920s in Parque Centenario, where Mr. Fux took his six children to play and María, the eldest, he made a wreath with the magnolia leaves he found on the ground and danced non-stop. “I danced, I danced what I felt,” he said when, a decade ago, he was approaching the 90s.

Except that as he grew up, Fux found in dance something more than what most see in that kind of ritual that sometimes, and only sometimes, becomes a spectacle. With classical training, at the age of 15, María learned the story of Isadora Duncan -considered creator of modern dance- and discovered that there were other ways to travel on stage.

He did shows barefoot and without music, when this was an absolute extravagance-, he launched into improvisation and in the classes he began to include children and adults with disabilities, as another of his innovations. “My classes are of integration. There is you and there is another person similar to you and another who has nothing to do with you. And everyone can find their way of expression ”.

At 15, The Discovery Of Isadora Ducan'S Story Changed The Way María Fux Related To Dance.

At 15, the discovery of Isadora Ducan’s story changed the way María Fux related to dance.

Dance is everywhere

“The dance is in the man, in any man on the street and it is necessary to unearth it and share it”. The phrase coined by Fux is one of the premises on which the open call for Saturday 2 is based, launched by his school for those who participate in the celebration.

Pioneer of modern dance and creator of our own dance therapy system in our country, María Fux is undoubtedly the most relevant figure at the local level of this discipline, with an important career in Latin America, the United States, Europe, Israel and Russia.

At 99 Years Old, Dance Continues To Be A Way Of Expression For María.

At 99 years old, dance continues to be a way of expression for María.

“I have always been interested in the language of plastic arts as part of the integral search that I have in the face of movement. For years, with my dance therapy students, paintings have helped me transmit music to those who cannot hear it. At this moment I want to finish a stage as a soloist dancer on stage to get involved in the choreographic work of groups, “he declared in 2009.

“I have more than 60 years on the stage: the individual has already been said. The group is the future. I have been breaking limits for years: that does not mean that there are no new ones to go through. Life teaches. And many things I do not know: the things I don’t know push me forward. I try to dialogue, in my show, with the images. Or rather, they talk to me, “he added, in an interview with Clarín.

However, the artist never stopped pondering the importance of the stage. “The setting is beautiful: there, you can see how the space exists. The setting is an infinite pleasure and a mystery to unveil. And without mystery we are nothing, “he told this newspaper.

The Setting, An Infinite Pleasure And A Mystery To Unveil.

The setting, an infinite pleasure and a mystery to unveil.

And he deepened: “The world is tremendously linked to injustice. The images I see are neither of Renard nor of Perez Celis, but of street boys who rummage through the garbage in search of food. They are unloved boys, who did not read a book. They are guys who are waiting for that justice that I don’t see. “

Still, just a decade ago, he had an optimism that he sustained alongside his school’s activities. “I still believe that changes can occur. I still believe that changes do not happen by magic, but are produced by men, “said María, whose working model was exported to Europe.

The Dancer Continued To Appear On Stage Until Her 90S.

The dancer continued to appear on stage until her 90s.

A back and forth process

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, doctors, dance and gymnastics teachers, psychotherapists, psychologists, teachers who work with different disabilities, and special teachers who work with deaf students, with Down syndrome, with isolation difficulties, are trained in their schools. or loneliness, with different capacities, gerontologists, elderly and blind.

For Fux, the process does not go in one direction, but it is back and forth. “My dance therapy students teach me. Monica, for example, is deaf. With her, I learned the extraordinary possibilities of silence. With Dora, a blind woman from La Plata, I understood that it was possible to see what it feels like, “he explained.


“The journey that I have made through creativity with movement has given me a language to communicate. Dancing on stage has allowed me not only to meet the audience, but also discover the possibilities of the body in the different stages of life. What happens when one gives a stimulus that can make someone else’s body move ”, he deepened in 2011.

At that time, María also made a balance of life that gave a balance in favor that she celebrated: “I had three marriages, I was very loved, I have a very generous son, a musician. I have a 38-year-old granddaughter, who sings very well, and who He has given me the possibility of being a great-grandmother three times. Seed by seed in the earth, I made a forest with my life. It’s done. Now I look forwardand”.

The Passion For Transmitting Led Maria To Learn From Her Students As Well.  Photo Dance Therapy

The passion for transmitting led Maria to learn from her students as well. Photo Dance Therapy

This time, those who will celebrate his life will be his students and those who wish to join in the celebration of an exemplary career. The appointment is at 11 o’clock this coming Sunday, January 2, in Callao 289.


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