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‘The Angel of Death’: the sinister story of Charles Cullen, the serial killer who inspired the Netflix movie

The unusual cases of serial killers they tend to generate expectation and curiosity despite their monstrous nature and have become an omnipresent element in popular culture. After the success of the series based on Jeffrey Dahmer, Netflix premieres The angel of Death (The Good Nurse), a film that immortalizes Charlie Cullen, one of the crudest murderers in the United States.

The film stars two Oscar winners: Jessica Chastain (Tammy Faye’s eyes) Y Eddy Redmayne (The Danish girl). It is one of the most anticipated premieres on the platform, as well as controversial due to the stark story behind it and that shows the negligence with which hospitals work.

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popular interest in Charlie Cullen It is not only due to their modus operandi, but also to the way in which the health sector covered up their crimes for more than a decade despite existing suspicions and evidence, a detail that the film emphasizes.

Who is Charles Cullen, the killer nurse in ‘The Angel of Death’

Charles Cullen is a serial killer whom He is credited with the death of around 400 people, although he only confessed to the murder of 29, crimes he committed in 16 years. He worked as a nurse in various hospitals in New Jersey, where he was born in 1960.

He was the eighth child of a deeply Catholic family, Cullen would later claim that his childhood was “miserable”.. In accordance with The NewPost, The man grew up without a father figure, since his father died when he was barely seven months old.

Charles Cullen, the serial killer (Instagram).

Charles Cullen, the serial killer (Instagram).

The first time he tried to take his own life he was 9 years old, and he tried to do it another 20 times. If the absence of a father caused mental instability, the death of his mother -then he was 17 years old- it would end up being an episode that would mark him forever due to the circumstances of his death, because He died in a car accident in which his sister was driving.

Got married with adrienne taub, mother of his two daughters. However, the couple ended up separating after several complaints of domestic violence against Cullen, who consumed alcohol excessively, in addition to he exhibited strange behavior and was aggressive towards the family dog.

The Criminal History of Charles Cullen

One year after graduating from Mountainside Hospital School of Nursing landed a position as a nurse at Saint Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, where he is known to have executed his first victim: the Judge John Yengo.

In 1993 he was arrested for harass and break into the home of nurse Michelle Tomlinson. that same years was investigated for the murder of Helen Dean, 91, despite the suspicions that the hospital had about his misconduct, he was not fired, on the contrary, he resigned months later from his position.

Charles Cullen murdered his patients injecting them doses lethal insulin and digoxin, a heart medicine used to treat heart failure. Usually I used to add these two substances to the IV bags so that it would go unnoticed.

What has become of Charles Cullen?

It was not until 2003 that the man was finally arrested with the help of Amy Loughren, a nurse who worked at his side in the Unit of Critical Care at Somerset Medical Center in Somerset, New Jersey.

Before the suspicions began, Loughren and Cullen were inseparable friends and saw patients at night. When the nurse discovered what he was doing, she collaborated with the policeman to bring the murderer to justice.

Loughren falsely told Cullen that the police were considering her a suspect in the Somerset Medical Center murders, which is when Cullen agreed to give a formal confession to the detectives on the case. The former nurse accepted that he killed around 29 people, who were between 21 and 91 years old, at seven different hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Reports indicate that Cullen, now 62, was guilty of the deaths of 400 people, although the actual count remains unknown. He was sentenced in 2006 to 11 consecutive life sentences (397 years) in prison, he was able to avoid the death penalty due to his willingness to cooperate with the authorities.

In an interview with 60 minutesCullen commented that he suspected that Loughren worked with the agents. Despite this, he was never upset with his former partner and stated that he would not have stopped if they had not stopped him.. Finally, he stated that Loughren”she is a good nurse.” Currently, the murderer is 62 years old and remains in jail.


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