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The alleged reaction of Michelle Rubalcava to the altercation of Gustavo Adolfo Infante

Michelle Rubalcava’s alleged mockery of Gustavo Adolfo Infante (Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Instagram/@michrubalcava)

The fight that was witnessed in the program the sun rises Come in Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Joana Vega Biestro Y Anna Maria Alvarado It is giving a lot to talk about on social networks, so much so that other celebrities have already begun to comment on the subject.

It all started because the journalist went to the jugular of the drivers stating that they discredited his work whenever they could and that he was not to blame for having the sources that they did not.

“The fact that I have sources that you don’t have, let’s see, wait for me, do not burn, I do have the grades and you do not have them, thats the reality. This is about telling the truth nothing more. Yesterday with Yolanda Andrade I brought the exclusive and you go straight to the jugular, get to work, get your notes out, “said Infante in the middle of the morning broadcast of TV picture.

With this, the driver and influencer Michelle Rubalcava He could not remain silent in the face of this situation and presumably made fun of Gustavo Adolfo Infante, in addition to insinuating that the journalist hides his sexual preferences.

“In addition to being a closet, she came out shrill (emojis laughing out loud),” Michelle wrote on her official Twitter account.

To this, users attacked Gustavo Adolfo: “Yes, that’s on the air, I can already imagine in his office. What an arrogant, egotistical guy”; “He alone is putting the rope around his neck, my Mich, everything has to be paid for”; “Well, hopefully it’s not Joana who gets discharged.”

And it is that during the live lawsuit, the journalist threatened to leave the sun rises unless they removed Joana Vega from driving.

“Starting with Joana Vega, they already have me very tired, so from this moment on I am going to ask the company to remove me from this program or to remove Joanabecause I can not be here with Joana “, he sentenced.

“So you’re threatening me on air? Wow, look Gustavo, if you want to go to your arguments that a mother, how is it possible… we try to be as objective as possible and you are threatening me on the air”, answered Joan.

The attitudes of Gustavo Adolfo Infante in front of the presenters was what apparently upset Michelle Rubalcava, who had already had problems with the journalist some time before.

After working for more than a year in the program First handMichelle broke the silence about how the altercations with Infante were, who along with the producer criticized the youtuber for his physique.

“There were some things. The producer began to unite with him, they started messing with my weight, it was all a daily criticism (…) He no longer spoke to me, he no longer greeted me, time passed and in 2020, the Christmas party of Imagethey invited us to the drivers and we were having a great time and he took hold of the fact that I was super drunk, “he said.

Michelle had lawsuits with GA Infante (IG: michrubalcava)
Michelle had lawsuits with GA Infante (IG: michrubalcava)

At the time, when everything was fresh, the famous entertainment journalist said the reasons why Rubalcava had left DPM and even cataloged him as “inept”.

“There is only one version. I think that people who stop working in a place is because they don’t work in that place. Let’s be clear if a project removes, cuts a person, it is due to ineptitude, period, there is no more“, said.


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